What Is Tiger’s Eye? All About The “Shapeshifter” Stone

Long revered as a conduit for internal strength and summoned courage, Tiger’s Eye is a mysterious, intriguing stone with many uses. For centuries, people from around the world have benefited from its powerful properties. But what is Tiger’s Eye and why is it so famous?

There’s more than meets the eye with this amber-hued gem. Let’s dive into the mystery and intrigue of this fascinating stone to discover its true significance. In this guide, we’re exploring Tiger’s Eye meaning, benefits, and everyday uses.

Ready to roar? Here’s everything you need to know about the “Shapeshifter” stone.

What Is Tiger’s Eye?

A member of the quartz family, Tiger’s Eye is a famous gem that features glistening golden strokes across its surface. Burning like the fiery glare of a tiger, the streaks that give this gem its name are caused by tiny mineral crocidolite fibers that transform into silica. 

The resulting effect is sharp parallel lines which create an eye-like appearance called chatoyant. To best showcase the chatoyant effect, lapidaries (gem cutters) cut it cabochon style. Rather than cutting into the gem to yield sparkle and brilliance, like diamonds, these stones are smoothed and polished.

Tigers eye stone

It’s often called “tiger eye” or “tigers eye,” but ultimately, all of these terms refer to the same stone. These popular gems have multiple uses; from jewelry to healing stones to cuff links to art sculptures to home décor. 

You’ll find it available in colors ranging from amber to golden to honey-toned. However, the most popular and desirable specimens come in a warm, honeyed hue.

Unlike translucent gemstones like sapphire or ruby, this stone is opaque and lustrous. They are universally adored because of their durability and strength, which leads us straight into the stone’s meaning.

Tiger’s Eye Stone Meaning

Not surprisingly, this stone conjures the strength of a tiger into a wearable gem. Thanks to its potent properties, it’s a wild stone that offers protection, courage, willpower, and strength to its wearer.

During the 1500s, it was more valuable than gold because of its rarity. Presently, it’s amply available and sourced from regions across the globe, including Australia, South Africa, and India.

In addition to courage, Tiger’s Eye meaning is threaded in Egyptian lore. People once believed that the eye of the stone served as a portal to divine prophecy and foresight. By wearing it, they gained vision into higher consciousness by connecting with divine gods and deities.

Soldiers and warriors adorned their armor and breastplates with the stone to protect them during battle. Above all, this gemstone personifies the strength and spirit of a tiger; courageous, bold, unwavering, and canny.

What Is It Good For? 

There are multiple ways you can benefit from this versatile stone. Need a shot of courage before a big work presentation? Wear a Tiger’s Eye pendant to let your inner confidence roar. Struggling to protect yourself from emotional vampires? This strengthening stone can offer you protection from negative energy. Below are some practical, everyday uses.

tigers eye stone


Tiger’s Eye’s primary benefit is bolstering self-confidence and courage. In addition, the stone’s healing properties can protect you from bad vibes, help you focus, attract good luck, boost creativity, and strengthen your bones. 

Wearing this powerful stone is a great way to increase productivity and motivation. And that’s not all, because this stone also has physical and metaphysical healing properties. It can increase energy, align hormones, soothe seasonal depression, and minimize anxiety and stress.

So, how can you optimize the stone’s benefits in your everyday life? Two popular ways are to wear Tiger’s Eye jewelry and practice crystal healing.

Healing Properties

Tiger’s eye healing properties are powerful thanks to its ties to the body’s lower Chakras. The three lowest Chakras are the Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, and Root Chakra. Chakras are spinning wheels along the spine that promote the flow of energy through the body. When the Chakras are aligned, you’ll feel more clear-minded, connected to your desires, and balanced.

However, daily triggers can send the chakras out of alignment. A healthy way to realign is to practice crystal healing with tumbled Tiger’s Eye chakra stones.

The lower Chakras are a source of strength and stability, so it’s important to keep them in alignment. Meditating with this stone can elevate consciousness, bolster inner strength, and tether you to your inner warrior.


Tiger’s Eye jewelry is worn close to your body, making it easier for you to absorb the stone’s potent healing properties. Did we mention it’s also beautiful? Tiger’s Eye is a unique, fiery stone that accentuates any outfit with an earthy, organic aesthetic.

The most popular jewelry items include Tiger’s Eye rings, necklace pendants, rosaries, bracelets, and earrings. Beaded Tiger’s Eye bracelets compound the stone’s properties by working together to amplify healing.  

Tiger’s Eye prayer beads are another useful way to benefit from the stone’s powers. Hold them in your hand while you meditate or pray, and set an intention for greater courage and clarity.

Get Ready To Roar!

There’s no limit to how you benefit from this versatile stone. Tiger’s Eye is an ancient talisman that has countless modern uses. Whether you wear Tiger’s Eye jewelry, decorate with loose beads and stones, or meditate with tumbled Tiger’s Eye Chakra stones, this dynamic stone will entice your inner warrior to the surface. 

Additionally, it has a grounding effect while offering protection from toxic, negative energies. If you need a little nudge speaking your truth, communicating your worth, or vocalizing your opinions, grab Tiger’s Eye and get ready to roar!




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