List Of Precious And Semi Precious Gemstones

There are so many beautiful gemstones available on the market today that it can be confusing. We have created a list of precious and semi precious stones to help navigate your way through this wonderful world of coloured gemstones. Simply click on the gemstone that is of interest to you and you will be taken to a page full of useful information on that specific gemstone.

Amethyst Gemstone Information

One of the oldest and most commonly used precious stones. Amethyst can be found as large clean gemstones and can be used to create beautiful statement pieces of jewellery.


A unique mixture of Amethyst and Citrine that is known to only come from one place on earth, Bolivia.

Aquamarine Stone Information – The Blue Variety Of Beryl

These semi precious stones come in hues from a light sky blue all the way up to the highly saturated Santa Maria blue Aquamarine.


Beryl is the family of the well known gems Emerald, Morganite and Aquamarine. All other varieties of Beryl are called Yellow Beryl or Green Beryl


The orange variety of Quartz, these semi precious stones have been used for centuries as ornament and in jewellery.


Emerald is the only green gemstone out of the precious stones. The most famous location is Columbia in South America.

Garnet Varities

Garnet is the name given to a wide range of gemstones that vary in colour from Red, Green, yellow and even Blue.

Morganite Stone Information

Another one from the beryl family, these semi precious stones are pink or salmon in colour and ave become very popular in the modern day.

Types Of Opal

Opal is often referred to as the Queen of Gemstones. It can show all the colours of the rainbow at the same time. The most famous opals come from Australia.


Peridot is a green semi precious stone that can display only one colour, green. Peridot can range from yellowish green to pure green in colour.

Ruby Information – The King Of Gemstones

When it comes to precious stones, Ruby is often called the king of gemstones. It can show the most amazing red colour with the best colour being pigeons blood red.

Sapphire Information

The most famous of the coloured precious stones, the Sapphire can come in almost any colour, including Pink and Yellow.

Spinel: Facts and Information

Spinel is the newest big player to the gemstone scene. It can be found in large red and pink stones and is a rival to Ruby.

Tanzanite Stone Information

This purple to blue gemstone can only be found in one location, Tanzania. This gemstone was made famous in the 60’s by Tiffany and Co


Topaz is the most common of all the semi precious stones. The most common colour is blue, but it can come in a variety of colours including yellow, pink and even red.

Tourmaline Gemstone Information

Tourmaline is a miracle of colour. It comes in almost every colour under the rainbow. Some stones even show multiple colours in the same gemstone.


Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, Zircon is a natural gemstone that has great fire.


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