What Is Filigree Jewelry? Origins Of A Decorative Art

Do you love floral designs? Are you a romantic? If so, you’ll love filigree jewelry, a popular design technique that embellishes jewelry settings with a delicate, feminine touch. 

Filigree stylings have been around for centuries; first introduced as an intricate metalwork technique in the 1400s. The decorative designs are artful and romantic, garnering attention from engagement ring shoppers.

Presently, filigree is one of the most popular design techniques for engagement rings, pendants, and wedding bands. So, what is filigree jewelry, and is it right for you? Let’s find out!

What Is Filigree Jewelry? A Look At Early Origins

You’ve likely seen pieces with filigree designs. The technique adds elegance and timeless aesthetic to both vintage and modern designs. Many filigree designs callback to vintage styles of bygone eras — from the Victorian era to the roaring 20s. So, where does filigree come from and how did it rise to popularity?

Despite its prevalence in modern designs, filigree is a decorative metalwork technique that first originated thousands of years ago. When the first seeds of civilization blossomed in Egypt, India, and Mesopotamia (Western Asia), metalworkers developed a technique of jewelry-making fit for the royal figures of the times. 

Over the centuries, the technique has remained true to its origins, but the complexities of designs have evolved substantially.

filigree necklace

The meaning of filigree stems from two Latin words:

  1. Granum, which means grain (or bead)
  2. Filum, which means thread

Put together, you get filigree! In early renditions, people called filigree jewelry “openwork filigree” because of the clear spaces between the intricate designs. People still use this term today, but it’s more commonly known as filigree.

In metalwork, this applies to the technique of placing tiny, thin metal strands and beads together to build an ornate design. While filigree is a technique, there are various designs spawning from this early jewelry-making style.

Let’s explore some of the most popular.

Popular Filigree Jewelry Designs

Filigree is somewhat synonymous with floral. Many buyers aren’t quite familiar with the technical term, but they know and love floral styled jewelry.

Most people have seen filigree jewelry because it’s quite popular, despite its timeless origins, the style still lines the glass shelves of jewelry shops today.


Floral filigree designs usually have a consistent pattern with petals, leafs, and roses. In some designs, the filigree is front and center alongside sparkling gemstones.

However, there are also hidden styles where the primary detail is on the inside of a pendant or ring. Despite their variations, floral filigree jewelry is ultra-feminine and delicate, making it the perfect choice for those looking to express their romance.

filigree flower design


Vine filigree designs fall into the floral family, with one exception. Typically, vines lend themselves to continuous loops like rings and earring hoops.

With these styles, a vine weaves as the focal point of the piece, rather than an accentuation. There may be small accent stones like rubies and sapphires dispersed throughout the design in a symmetrical fashion. 

The overall aesthetic is earthy, whimsical, and ethereal — a beautiful composition if you ask us!

Filigree vines


Looking for the perfect gift for an anniversary or commemorative occasion? Look no further than the exceptionally romantic heart filigree jewelry! As you might imagine, this metalwork style lends itself beautifully to necklace pendants. 

These stylings feature a large, elaborate heart featuring intricate metalwork across the entire face of the pendant. Some even have beautiful gemstones caught inside the metalwork — which evokes a beautiful illusion adding to the intrigue of this romantic style.

filigree hearts

We’ve explored the most popular types of filigree jewelry, but how are they made? Let’s journey into the artist’s studio to discover the process of creating filigree jewelry.

How To Make Filigree Jewelry

  1. First, the artist must take a piece of metal and stretch it until it’s a fine, thin thread.
  2. Next, the artist twists the metal strands and curls them into lace-like patterns. These styles can be floral, vine-like, or whatever creation the artist envisions.
  3. Now the artist fuses the metal designs into the jewelry metal. The metal itself can be silver, gold, white gold, platinum — this is the base metal that the filigree design will bond to.
  4. Often, artists will further embellish their design by adding beautiful beads to make the piece pop.
  5. Finally, the artist solders all the pieces together and onto the base metal to create a beautiful piece of filigree jewelry!

And that’s how filigree jewelry comes to life!

Is Filigree Jewelry Right For You?

Filigree is a unique style of jewelry, but what styles does it lend itself to, and are they a match for you? 

If you love romantic, ethereal, delicate jewelry, you’ll fall in love with filigree jewelry. Some of the most popular engagement ring styles feature filigree because it naturally elevates a ring and accentuates a center stone (like a dazzling diamond!) beautifully. 

Adding to the appeal is the fact that this metalwork technique is extremely diverse. For example, fans of elaborate designs can choose ornate filigree rings that pop off their finger. Conversely, minimal filigree designs with openwork lend themselves to an understated, timeless appeal.

There are modern filigree styles and vintage — in fact, there’s a filigree design for nearly every style preference, from art deco to floral to minimal. 

Given its diversity and availability, it’s easy to find filigree jewelry that matches your style because it’s widely available. For an ultra-romantic look, we love the pairing of filigree with rose gold and a pink gemstone like tourmaline or pink spinel!

Now that’s a rose-hued combo we’re falling head over heels for!

If you’re looking for the perfect gemstone accompaniment for your beautiful filigree jewelry, browse Seda Gem’s collection of jewels today!




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