What Is Goshenite? The Hidden Beauty Of The Colorless Beryl

If sibling rivalry crosses into gemstone territory, then goshenite is the less popular sister of the beryl family. Next to emerald and aquamarine, it lacks value and popularity. However, there’s a lot more than meets the eye with this striking gem! What is goshenite? Only the purest member of the beryl family with no visible flaws!  Compared to other gemstones, this colorless beryl is more affordable, making it a buyer-friendly choice. It’s durable, colorless (like diamonds), and has high transparency. What’s not to love about this hidden gem? In this article, we’re zooming in on this colorless beryl to unveil its secret beauty. 

What Is Goshenite Beryl?

Goshenite, known as the “mother of gemstones” is the purest member of the beryl family. These clusters of minerals are chemically composed of beryllium aluminum silicate. Below, we’ll explore the qualities that make it such a unique and underrated gem. 

goshenite white beryl

The Hidden Jewel Of The Beryl Family

It’s no secret that emeralds get all the glory, but the beryl family has other beautiful gems worth exploring.  Ranking between 7.5-8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, goshenite is durable enough to endure daily wear and tear. That’s why this colorless gem makes for striking — and reliable — jewelry. Although it’s less popular than emeralds and morganites, there are many attributes that make this gem desirable:

  • Durability – The original diamond substitute was chosen not only because it’s colorless, but because it’s durable enough to withstand daily wear.
  • Clarity – Goshenites are entirely transparent, meaning they are clean to the naked eye with untraceable flaws. In fact, they are so clear that the material was the first eyeglass lens incorporated into medieval Italy.
  • Color – Who can resist a colorless gemstone? Without inclusions to detract from its clarity and brilliance, the stone exhibits bright transparency. 
  • Price – While these gemstones don’t sparkle as bright as diamonds, they’re much more appealing to the wallet.

The Colorless Beryl

The beryl family of jewels covers every color of the rainbow, from green emeralds to golden beryl. Goshenite, however, is exclusively colorless. The lack of color in this gemstone made it a popular diamond substitute, that was until the invention of lab-grown diamonds. Without flaws and impurities that color other gemstones, this gem is a purist’s favorite. The fire and brilliance of this colorless beryl donned it the “white beryl.” While it’s primarily added to fashion jewelry, its durability and low-maintenance quality make it a great jewelry gemstone.

goshenite white beryl

Where Does Goshenite Come From?

The first discoveries of Goshenite came from the Lily Pond Mine in the small Western Massachusetts town called Goshen. Fitting name, right? Now Goshenite comes from all over the globe.  The largest deposits are from Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. Along with Massachusetts, additional deposits are dotted across U.S. state lines from the East to West coasts.

Meaning, Symbolism, And Mythology

As a historic gem, goshenite has many meanings. Remember how it was used as primitive eyeglass lenses in 13th century Italy? Well, this association made it the stone of clarity. The beryl family contains many jewels of good fortune and luck, including the colorless beryl. In Irish heritage, goshenite is a scriptural conduit and divining tool used to access higher wisdom and intuition. With intellectual healing properties, wearing this gem can elevate insight, broaden perspective, and crystalize hidden truths.

Cleaning And Care

Remember how goshenite is a hard and durable gemstone? These qualities make it ideal for jewelry use. The gem isn’t widely used in jewelry, which is a shame because it’s easy to clean and requires little maintenance.  Goshenite is even more resistant to damage than its sister jewel, emerald, which tends to be filled with inclusions. As a gem quality stone, goshenite has virtually no inclusions, making it a strong candidate for jewelry use. Sometimes the stone can appear clouded, but this can generally be remedied with a good cleaning. That’s why it’s a good idea to regularly clean your gems. How do you clean goshenite? Rinse the gemstone with warm water and soap. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or cloth to wipe away residue and grime. Always clean your gems above a counter or covered surface, not a sink or drain in case you drop it. It’s best to avoid cleaning goshenite with an ultrasonic cleaner because the vibrations can tarnish or damage the gem. Instead, stick with the soap and warm water method a couple of times a month to keep your gemstone spick and span.

Is Goshenite Valuable?

The presence of cloudiness in goshenite can inhibit this gem’s true potential. That’s why it’s relatively lower in value compared to other gems in the beryl family. That’s in large part because of its low popularity as a jewelry gemstone. Don’t let that factor deter you, because there are highly desirable qualities of this hidden treasure. You’ll pay about ¼ less for goshenite than mainstream gems like morganite or aquamarine. For budget-friendly buyers, the price tag makes this gem quite appealing!

Should I Buy Goshenite?

We know that goshenite is affordable, but is it worth buying? To answer that question, let’s review all the details we’ve covered about the colorless beryl gemstone.

  • In terms of color, goshenite is appealing because it’s colorless, like diamonds. However, the gemstone doesn’t sparkle as bright, which lowers its intrigue. But who says it has to be a diamond substitute? 
  • If you choose to buy this colorless gemstone, consider setting it in earrings, necklace pendants, and rings.
  • Goshenite is extremely durable and the purest form of beryl available. These qualities alone make it a gemstone worth investigating. You won’t have to worry about daily fuss and care because it’s a low maintenance gem. 
  • If you want a colorless gemstone for your engagement ring, goshenite is a great candidate. Unlike synthetics like cubic zirconia, goshenite is entirely natural. It’s not surprising that the gem is experiencing a surge in newfound popularity.

When it comes to wearable, gem-quality stones, what more could you ask for than the promise goshenite delivers — clarity, durability, and affordability! That’s a combo worth a second-glance!




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