Pretty In Pink: List Of Pink Gemstones

In the color spectrum, there are bold colors that ignite emotion, like fiery reds and oranges. Then there are cool, serene colors that infuse calmness, like blues and soft greens. And then, there’s pink! In all its ultra-feminine glory, pink is an undeniably magnetizing color that popularly adorns jewelry items. In this list of pink gemstones, we’re covering every shade of pink.

List Of Pink Gemstones

What is it about pink that makes it so desirable? There’s something about pink that draws attention, and not only by women! The myriad of pink gemstones is vast, encompassing beautiful gemstones in every shade.

It’s no surprise that pink and jewelry go together like the birds of a feather, but what are the best pink gemstones? While all-things-pink have glittered for centuries, in the last ten years, the color has emerged as one of the most popular. Let’s take a look!

Pink Sapphire

One of the most popular gemstones in all the world is sapphire. Although this particular gem comes in a variety of colors, its most famous shade is a striking blue. However, a new contender is giving blue sapphire a run for its money, and rightfully so.

As a pink gemstone, pink sapphire is simply stunning. Colored gemstones, in general, are experiencing high demand. Who can resist a sparkling jewel in a bright color? Well, on that premise, pink sapphire more than delivers!

Alongside other members of the corundum family — including ruby — pink sapphire is incredibly hard. Next to diamonds, sapphires are the most durable gemstones on the planet. You’ll find a spectrum of pink hues available, and pink sapphires pair beautifully with rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

pink sapphire - list of pink gemstones

Rose Quartz

If you are familiar with healing crystals, you’ll know Rose Quartz as the “Stone of Love.” With a name like that, who wouldn’t want to flaunt this pink gemstone? Fit with healing properties capable of building self-love and romantic love, this soft, translucent gem is as delicate looking as they come.

But don’t mistake its sweet charm as being fragile. Rose Quartz ranks at 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Not quite as hard as sapphire, it still holds its own as an everyday crystal.

One of the most popular trends right now is to wear a raw Rose Quartz crystal on a ring or as a necklace pendant. The earthy, organic crystal contrasts the milky pink hue to create a statement piece.

pink rose quartz - list of pink gemstones

Pink Diamond

We know that everyone loves diamonds, but what about pink diamonds? We’re sure everyone would love them, too, but they happen to cost a small fortune. Hailing from the Australian Argyle Mine, these rare diamonds are naturally pink thanks to enhanced compression on the internal crystal structure.

The result is a striking jewel that’s also the most durable gem on the planet. While this pink gemstone isn’t accessible to all budgets, it is a beauty to marvel at, with deeply saturated shades of pink.

pink diamond - list of pink gemstones

Pink Topaz

This deeply saturated pink gemstone is a new addition to the group. The natural gemstone is enhanced by a process called film deposition. The bottom of the gemstone (the pavilion) is treated with a color-coated pink film. The top surface of the gemstone is natural, enabling the pink film beneath to shine through. While technically this is a color-treated gem, it’s still a beautiful and popular choice!

pink topaz- list of pink gemstones

Pink Spinel

Many people consider pink spinel as part of the corundum family due to its similarities to sapphires. However, pink spinel is actually chemically comprised of magnesium aluminum oxide. Like sapphires, spinel comes in a variety of bright colors.

It’s also a hard, durable gemstone, ranking at 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. It’s easy to see why they are often mistaken for sapphires! If you love 50 shades of pink, you’ll adore the pink spinel!

pink spinel - list of pink gemstones


A departure from the previous pink gemstones, Rhodonite isn’t translucent or sparkly. Don’t let those facts dissuade you, though, because Rhodonite is simply striking. Made from manganese silicate, this gemstone is mainly rosy pink with scattered black inclusions.

The style of Rhodonite is earthy, juxtaposing traditional jewelry gemstones to offer a more organic aesthetic.

pink rhodonite - list of pink gemstones

Pink Rhodolite Garnet

A rare specimen from the garnet family, Rhodalite Garnet gemstones are visibly flawless. With minimal inclusions present, light is able to refract evenly across the gemstone. Do you know what that means? Lots of sparkle and brilliance!

Can you believe that this richly saturated pink gemstone is entirely natural? That’s right, Rhodolite is organically pink. Due to the gem’s rich saturation, it contrasts beautifully with yellow gold jewelry metal. Buyer bonus: Rhodolite is durable enough to wear every day with minimal maintenance!

pink garnet - list of pink gemstones

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline rides the line between pink and purple in a beautiful way. It’s a highly popular choice on the list of pink gemstones because its readily available in a range of hues. Pink Tourmaline is also budget-friendly, making it a great option for all buyers! One thing to consider about this beautiful gemstone is that the surface isn’t as hard as a diamond or sapphire, so it’s prone to scratching.

You’ll also notice more natural inclusions in Pink Tourmaline. That’s because of the stone’s deep saturation, which highlights impurities. While the color of this gem is stunning, you should take into consideration that they are most often color-treated.

pink tourmaline- list of pink gemstones


Perhaps the most unique gemstone on our list of pink gemstones is Rhodochrosite! Unlike many of the gems we’ve listed, Rhodochrosite exhibits a truly unique pink color across a cabochon cut. While the color spectrum ranges from light pink to deep red, it closely resembles the Agate stone.

You’ll see faint patterns across the stone that make it come to life. If you’re looking for a truly unique pink gemstone, look no further than Rhodochrosite! Be mindful, however, as it contains cleavage, which makes it more susceptible to cracking or breaking.

pink rhodocrosite - list of pink gemstones

Pink Morganite

Next to diamonds, morganites are the most popular gemstones right now. That’s because they are a great diamond-alternative! The pink coloring is ultra-soft and subtle, making it a great choice for engagement rings.

In fact, more and more couples are favoring morganite over diamonds. As a beryl gemstone, Morganite hails from the high-society of the ever-regal emerald. Trace elements of cesium and manganese gift this gorgeous jewel with its pink hue. Plus, pink morganite sparkles nearly as brightly as a diamond! Now, that’s a pink gemstone we can’t resist!

pink morganite- list of pink gemstones

Are you eyeing your favorites from our list of pink gemstones? Browse the catalog to find yourself something pretty in pink!




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