Holistic Stones And Their Meaning

Holistic stones which are also known as healing stones have been part of the human history for as long as man can remember. They have been one of the solutions that man found to fixing most of the illnesses and ailments that have been present. For this reason, they are said to be one of the contributing factors to making sure that inner peace and happiness is possible. When it comes to gemstones, the center usually determines life or life energy. When the life force turns into the power of the gemstones, the results are quite remarkable. They have the power to make the stone have healing abilities which would be used to make sure that the health of people is kept healthy. The ability of these gemstones has come to be recognized and to be affirmed by so many people throughout history. In ancient times, these stones were used to beautify or to fortify people and places. It could even be used for looking at future events. That was how remarkable these stones were. These stones were other used in certain lands for different practices such as rituals and forming the armoury of the High priest of the Jews. The results are that the stones have a way of making your confidence to sky-rocket, improve your relationship with others and make you mentally ready for all your challenges.

List Of Holistic Stones and Healing Gemstones

Interested in holistic gemstones, here is a comprehensive list of some gemstones, their meanings and how they can be used as healing crystals and stones;

Blue Lace Agate

This is a gemstone which is said to work with the help of the various angelic energy. The chakras level of this gemstone is considered to be the 4th or 5th. There are many variants of the agate gemstones. This would include the original agate which is known for bringing calmness and stability into the lives of many who are in close proximity with it, the Botswana agate and even the dendritic agate. holistic stones


Ametrine holistic stones help you to realize the psychic abilities that are present in your life. You would be able to work with meditation and even follow spirit guides through the means of this stone. In other words, the balance that is kept between your life and spirituality would be positioned to perfection. holistic stones


The Amazonite holistic stone is responsible for improving your protection, cleansing powers, and your spirituality. You would be able to remain happy for longer periods which in turn help your sleeping hours. What this holistic gemstone does, in other words, is to make sure that all the negative thoughts are in your head are absorbed. The Greeks also felt that the holistic gemstones could also help to protect against the different toxins that could cause harm to the body. holistic stones


This holistic stone is the stone which stands for all truth. This truth is to be expressed through the tongue. Therefore, it helps individuals to be more outspoken and to have an increased psychic feeling. Aquamarine is sure to be your best option if you are someone who is most afraid and stressed out due to the activities of the day. You would also find it quite amazing for your respiratory system. holistic stones aquamarine


This holistic gemstone belongs to the 6th Chakras. It is believed to be the agent of cleansing. Therefore, using this stone would almost surely mean that your mind and soul would be cleansed from all negative thoughts. You would be able to have a clear mind which would really benefit you when it comes to making crucial decisions that would have further implications if the wrong one is made. Holistic stones - Azurite


This holistic gemstone gives you the power to know yourself completely. Thus, you would never find your second-guessing yourself or your motives. You would know exactly why you are making this decision. You would also be able to see the different parallel realities and what would have happened if you had taken this decision. This stone is pretty special. holistic stones - calcite


This holistic gemstone belongs to the 5th chakras. It is usually connected to receiving divine inspiration from the angels and embracing the energy that comes with it. This stone would also give you the advantage of being able to recall your dream in the exact way that it has happened. Your communication with the angels and your energy force would be at an all-time peak. holistic stones


This holistic stone is the stone which stands for the awesome radiant light that comes from the sun when it is rising. It is also the stone which stands for a high sense of prosperity and security. This stone finds its rightful place in the world of business and family life. You would be able to grow wealth beyond your wildest dreams and also to maintain it in ways that you would not think possible. A great stone to have indeed. holistic stones - citrine


This holistic stone is known for its ability to give you mental strength and a lot of courage. It would allow you to enjoy renewed creativity and to feel fresh all the time. Garnet stands for constancy and the absolute truth. It is believed that in ancient times, people who wore this stone were able to see in some places where others could not. holistic stones - garnet


This holistic stone is believed to belong to the 1st and 8th chakras. It is the stone which eludes self-esteem and confidence. With it, you would feel like there are no restricts on what you can do. You would feel zero negativity and you would be ready to take on the world. It also has a positive effect on your blood level. holistic stones The truth is that there are so many holistic stones and healing gemstones out there. The majority of them can make a positive impact in our lives. If you are interested in making sure that your weaknesses do not lead to a sad life, these stones can help you get your life back on track.




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