Why Aquamarine Beads Are Perfect for You

Water of the sea. That’s the Latin phrase for which aquamarine is named. A blue- to blue-green-colored variety of the gemstone beryl, the color of aquamarine can range from a faint light blue to a darker blue or a bluish-green color. In general, the lighter the color of the stone, the more common it is. Aquamarine beads, pendants, and charms are a perfect choice for anyone wanting to sport a fantastic look at a reasonable price. Aquamarine beads

All About Aquamarine

Because aquamarine is a relatively common stone, it is one of the more affordable of the gemstones. This is especially evident in the lighter colors. Aquamarine beads or pendants in a deeper color can command higher prices. Some aquamarine has been found in enormous transparent crystalline masses. These have produced gems weighing thousands of carats. Prolonged exposure to light can fade some of the light-blue- to blue-green-colored aquamarine gemstones. To make certain your gemstone beads will maintain the same beautiful color they had when you got them, be sure you’re making your purchases from a reputable dealer. Although aquamarine is a durable, hard gemstone, it can develop internal cracks if it is banged around or hit hard. Aquamarine gemstones are usually completely flawless; finding one with visible flaws is a rare occurrence. Most of the aquamarine on the market today is natural gemstone, since the costs of producing synthetic aquamarine is prohibitive. Aquamarine gemstones can be cut into many shapes and faceted into many designs. It has long been a popular stone for all types of jewelry, from rings to necklaces, earrings to bracelets. Many of the exceptionally large and completely flawless samples of aquamarine have been cut into gemstone pieces. Occasionally, a flawless six-sided aquamarine crystal will be found and fashioned into necklace pendants. It is uncommon for aquamarine to be found in a translucent stone displaying a cat’s eye effect or asterism. These stones are sometimes found, however, and usually cut and polished into cabochons. If a lesser quality aquamarine is found, such as those lacking good transparency, it may be used as semi-polished stones in bracelets and necklaces, or stones of this quality may be made into beads. Aquamarine Gemstone

A Popular, Versatile Gemstone

In ancient times, those who believed they possessed the “gift of sight” considered aquamarine to be controlled by the influence of the moon. Present-day seers who practice crystal-gazing suggest that using aquamarine when the moon is waxing allows the viewing of coming events. Those who also profess a scientific bent will posit that the magnetic effect of the moon acts on the iron oxides found in aquamarine gemstones to strengthen the stone’s abilities in forecasting events. Aquamarine beads Aquamarine is believed to be the embodiment of all things connected to the sea. It is also seen as a gemstone that can reflect heaven on its surface, just as the heavens are reflected on the surface of calm waters. It is used as a stone for focusing meditation and revelation. Aquamarine has historically been known as a gemstone of prophets, healers, shamans, and mystics. It was believed that meditating with a flawless, translucent aquamarine gemstone allowed the mystic to explore the darker depths of the human soul, bringing the seeker face to face with his or her own inner self.

Mystic Energies and Properties

Those whose belief systems include metaphysical energies of natural gemstones consider aquamarine to be a stone that is influential in maintaining health in the lungs and respiratory tract. In these belief paradigms, wearing aquamarine is believed to help in the healing of sinus conditions and respiratory irritations such as frequent coughing. Such maladies as seasonal hay fever and chronic allergies, as well as common colds and bronchitis, are said to be susceptible to the mystic powers of aquamarine. Suffering from tired eyes and vision problems? Applying a coin bead made of aquamarine on the eyelids for 20 minutes each night is said to help. (We don’t know if it would help or not, but it can’t hurt.) Wearing aquamarine, because it is considered a stone of the element water, is reputed to impart a powerful cleansing effect on the emotional state of its wearers. It can aid in the opening of communication between parties who are opposing each other. The gentle energy associated with aquamarine was believed by the ancients to bring emotional discomforts to the surface where they can be understood and vanquished, allowing the person to move forward. Aquamarine’s mystical properties are believed to make it an excellent crystal for meditation and can help in the awakening of paranormal abilities. Effective meditation with aquamarine is helpful in bringing revelations to the surface. Some even believe that meditating with aquamarine allows a person to see his or her guardian angel when looking through a translucent aquamarine crystal that is pointing to the north. All of the mystical abilities of aquamarine are found in the eye of the beholder, of course. It is worn by some in order to gain the reputed benefits of these mystical properties. For many, many others it is simply a beautiful gemstone that looks stunning when used in jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Birthstone Information

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the role of aquamarine in the arena of birthstones. Here, there is a bit of controversy over what it best represents. The best information we’ve found on the matter gives us the following factoids: On the traditional level, aquamarine is the birthstone for those of us born in the month of March. If you’re looking at birthstones from a more natural aspect, the pale blue color of aquamarine places it squarely in the arms of those born as the world waits for the vernal equinox and the birth of spring each year; specifically, Feb. 19 to March 19. If the Zodiac is your thing, aquamarine is the favored stone for those born under the sign of Scorpio. This is the time at the end of the harvest, from Oct. 23 to Nov. 21.

In Conclusion

To wrap it all up, this is what we know for certain: Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone that looks great regardless of how you plan to wear it: earrings, necklace, bracelet, or ring. If you want to look fierce, get your aquamarine on.




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