Montana Sapphire – Inclusion Scape

Montana Sapphire – Rare and Beautiful

Montana Sapphire is a unique type of sapphire that can grow with a different color in the center. I have these Montana Sapphire slices that I picked up at the Tucson gem show that show the very unique grown.

Montana SapphireMontana SapphireMontana Sapphire

One of the pieces had some visible inclusions so I decided to have a closer look under my microscope. What I saw was the most amazing inclusion-scape so I had to grab my camera and take some photos.

Montana Sapphire

Inside this sapphire there was an array of various inclusions. The photo below shows a nice liquid filled fingerprint in the bottom left corner. It has some nice iridescence (rainbow colors) when the light hits it. I captured some of the rainbow colors with the camera but in real life the colors dance of the fingerprint. Also in this picture, you can see some nice 2 phase inclusions, which are hollows in the stone filled with liquid and a gas bubble.


The picture below is an extension of the one above showing more 2 phase inclusions, the remainder of the liquid filled fingerprint, and some other fine inclusions that are blurred off in the distance.

Montana Sapphire

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