How To Buy Gemstones Online

The Internet has changed the world of shopping, and the jewelry world is no different. There are plenty of sites available to find loose gemstones, but the trick is knowing which sites to trust and how to buy those gemstones online.
how to buy gemstones online

how to buy gemstones onlinehow to buy gemstones onlinehow to buy gemstones online






Unlike simple products like books, toys and fashion, gems are graded based on several factors such as color, clarity and weight. It can be difficult to buy a good stone based on pictures and descriptions only, so finding an online store who provides accurate information and accepts returns, even for change of mind, is crucial.

The advantage of the online experience is the volume of different gemstones viewable and the discounted prices compared to face to face stores. The prices are normally considerably cheaper because of minimal overheads and because of the high volume they sell. Face to face stores will only carry a small range of gemstones which reduces the customer’s choices.

So, how do you find the best online gemstone retailer? Use the following set of suggestions to guide your decision:

  • Buy from established dealers – Companies who have been in the business five years or more have a solid reputation for good gemstones.
  • Physical information – There should be a company name, physical address, phone, fax and email. If this is not evident, move to the next company.
  • High stock is lower priced – Volume dealers have lower costs passed onto the customer.
  • Regular updates – Gemstone prices and stock can fluctuate, so check back on a few stores every few weeks. Good companies will have their stores reflect changing prices and stock.
  • Have specifics – Specific stones should have individual pictures and descriptions not stock photos, every stone is different.
  • Certified gemologist – Even the store is online, the owner should be a certified gemologist or have one in house and able to answer even the toughest of your questions.
  • Return options – If you cannot return the stone, don’t buy it.

This is a brief list of tips of how to buy gemstones online, but they are solid suggestions for you to find the best possible deals and enjoy your online gemstone buying experience. If any online retailer does not meet all of these criteria, move on to the next dealer.   You will find someone who will meet all of your needs.

At Seda Gems we pride ourselves on providing accurate and complete information for each of our gemstones based on the analysis of our in house gemologist. Seda Gems offers a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, no questions ask.

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