Ametrine (Bolivia) custom cut @ The Cutter’s Desk

Ametrine is a gemstone that comes from only one location on earth, Bolivia, South America. It is a unique and beautiful combination of amethyst and citrine in the one gem.

This piece of rough had been in my collection for a while and a customer finally commissioned me to create a beautiful precision cut gem from it.

Ametrine Custom Cut

I chose a really nice design that will keep as much weight as possible from the rough. The client requested the biggest possible yield out of the rough, even if there are small inclusions. This was the first stone I cut on my brand new facet machine from Tom Thumb.

Ametrine Custom Cut Ametrine Custom Cut Ametrine Rough

The result, this 8.62 ct eye clean beauty. The small veil in the corner can be seen in the photograph but not with the naked eye.

Ametrine Custom Cut

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