Worlds Oldest Gemstone – Zircon

Zircon is known as being a very old mineral but did you know it is actually the worlds oldest gemstone? This is actually how this gemstone got its name. It is one of the earliest words in the Persian language and would later become a significant part of the Germanic languages before becoming an English term. It is believed that this gemstone is the embodiment of a strong healing energy and can be helpful in grounding one’s spirituality. Zircon is known for being a “mineral of virtue” because of the fact that it can equalize all that is righteous within you.

Worlds Oldest Gemstone

In 2014 a microscopic fragment of Zircon was found in Western Australia that was 4.4 billion years old. This discovery in the Jack Hills region of WA was significant because the Zircon crystallised at the same time as the surface of the planet began to cool. This cooling of the earth began 160 million years after the firey ball was first created.

worlds oldest gemstone

What Is Zircon

These gems are considered as both rare and ordinary at the same time. Zircon is actually a very common mineral in the earth. When transparent gem quality crystals are found they can make very stunning gemstones. They come in different varieties though they are not always as appreciated for their appearance as they should be. No matter which type of zircon you get, you are sure to get a stunning gem with a lot of fire. The colors for these stones can be quite varied, from green to orange and several other colors in between. Though a lot of these stones were treated to have these colors. Primarily you will end up with colors between a brownish-yellow and brownish-red when these stones are left untreated. Heat treated gems are generally the most valuable and gorgeous varieties. These are treated in order to create gemstones that are sparkly and exudes a fiery intensity. When heat treated, you are going to end up with clear, blue yellow, and green stones. The best varieties of these gemstones come from Madagascar and Canada but you can also find them in the USA, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Ukraine.

There are quite a few emotional and physical benefits to this gem. This gem is believed to be able to increase your intellectual capacity as well as improving your psychological faculties. It can allow the user to find the strength to be self-reliant and to help reveal dishonesty. They are also believed to block negative energies from getting into the body. You can use zircon as a way to create stronger vibrations in other gems that are used along with this stone. As far as your physical being is, you can help treat muscle issues and faintness that can negatively impact your life. The zircon can be used to help a pregnant woman give birth much more easily and it can strengthen your heart. Other health issues that the zircon can be helpful with is by helping with any loss of appetite as well as lung and liver diseases.
The zircon is a gem that is aesthetically pleasing and can offer a variety of benefits to the wearer. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider the zircon for jewelry when buying pieces for your loved ones. There are quite a few options that you can choose from here so you are sure to get exactly you are looking for.


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