Why Choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring

The sapphire has been a coveted and celebrated stone since ancient times, linked to prestige, wealth and royalty. A Sapphire engagement ring is among the most popular options for engagement rings and history is full of examples of iconic sapphire jewelry. But what makes sapphires stand out as a gemstone for engagement rings?

Sapphire Engagement Ring Pros

One of the main factors is the durability of sapphire. When it comes to engagement rings, durability is key because the gemstone you choose should be able to take daily exposure and resist rough wear. Sapphire, at 9 on the Mohs scale, is hard and tough, and does not easily scratch, chip or break making it an ideal every day gemstone. Another factor is the endless color options you have when you choose a sapphire. I hear you ask: Isn’t a sapphire blue? While blue is the most popularly known color for sapphires, this gemstone can be found in almost every shade out there (a notable exception is red as red sapphires are known as rubies). In addition to this, sapphires make for an excellent investment. With the current resurgence in the popularity of colored gemstones, the value of sapphires is increasing steeply. Demand is extremely high, and as a matter of course, the value is continually rising. In fact, sapphires are far exceeding diamonds in terms of increase in value. Sapphire engagement ring This is not to say that every sapphire you buy will bring you tremendous returns. Bear in mind that the quality of the stone is paramount to whether or not it makes for a good investment. Having said that, a high-quality sapphire is bound to increase in value and there is no indication that this will change any time soon. Another factor that makes a sapphire an ideal choice for an engagement ring is its rarity. Most people believe that diamonds are extremely rare, but in fact, sapphires are much rarer. A fine sapphire is very hard to come by and every stone is unique. And finally, sapphires are an ethical choice. Compared to the massive diamond mining industry, most sapphire mines are generally small affairs, run by individual families or community groups. As sapphires are mined on a smaller scale than diamonds, it is possible to trace a sapphire back to its mine of origin. Also, most sapphire mines are located in regions where mining conditions are generally safer, and workers have better conditions. Check out the infographic below which recaps the top reasons that make a sapphire a great choice for an engagement ring. Sapphire engagement ring Special thanks to Jewelry Shopping Guide for providing this awesome infographic and allow us to share it.  



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