What Is Mystic Topaz?

Mystic Topaz is a gemstone that is treated or enhanced and is actually not found naturally. When creating the mystic topaz, a natural and colourless stone is coated with titanium or a similar metal. The coating is only microns thick and the application is done to the stone’s pavilion which forms the bulk of the gem. Strict patents characterise the application process for the purposes of limiting the availability of mystic topaz on the general market. Mystic topaz’s specialised coating is known to alter the natural refraction of the stone, which goes on to create a dazzling rainbow of colours that are predominant in green, yellow, blue and bursts of red shades. This particular effect is not present naturally in most gemstones and this makes the stone a perfect choice when it comes to unique rings especially if one does not want to resort to unconventional or outrageous styles.

Caring for Mystic Topaz

Since the treatment given to mystic topaz is very delicate, it should be cared for. Any jewellery made from mystic topaz should be cared for the same way you would pearls for the purposes of protecting the coat. If a ring is made from this stone, you should protect it from dangerous activities and sharp stones. We advise that cleaners who specialize in cleaning opals or pearls should be contacted in the event that you want your mystic topaz ring or jewellery cleaned. If you’re not able to access specialized cleaners, cleaning with a water solution and mild soap is also suitable. Brushes and abrasive cloths are a no-no when cleaning rings made from mystic topaz. This is because scratching the coat will damage the coverage and also influence the stone’s clarity and colour. When treated properly, the jewellery will accord you a lifetime of service especially when excessive maintenance is not employed.
What is mystic Topaz

About Mystic Topaz

Thousands of years ago, Topaz, also known as fire topaz was believed to have powerful, mystical and healing properties in many cultures. Egyptians and ancient Greeks believed that those who wore and kept mystic topaz close are protected from any kind of harm. The stone also heals any disturbing emotions and in addition to that, strengthens your faith and spirituality. They also believed the stone to be very powerful in terms of protection because of its association with the sun god. Legend has it that mystic topaz promotes strength and eyesight while also clearing negative emotions and troubles from the mind.

How to benefit from Mystic Topaz

Benefiting from the magical, mystical and healing properties of this stone will require you to either wear it on your body or keep it close. It may be set in a ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet or key chain. You may also place it under your pillow whenever you sleep or on your desk at work. While relaxing in your living room, you can also place it next to the armchair you are sitting in. What Is Mystic Topaz

Mystic Topaz’s Magical Properties

It’s believed that mystic topaz possesses magical properties in regards to protecting you from negative energy, diseases and envy. Wearing this stone will facilitate your healing process while also helping with weight loss. It also helps improve your love life.

Mystic Topaz’s mystical properties

Wearing mystic topaz will help in building a stronger connection where your faith, spirituality or religion is concerned. It also helps in opening the hearts of those around it while also protecting the hearts of those who are too trusting. Depending on the colour of the topaz you have, they all have different mystical properties. For example, a blue mystic topaz is believed to help in balancing out emotions. Gold is known to bring power and wealth while green offers balance where negative thoughts are concerned. In addition to that, green also protects you from harm.



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