What Are Salt And Pepper Diamonds?

Those looking to get something more than the traditional or run-of-the-mill diamonds would find it interesting to know that there is a gem that can give them that amazing and classy look and feel. Salt and pepper Diamonds are the newest Diamond trend to hit the streets. Unknown to most people, salt and pepper diamonds have been around for a couple of years and were at one time considered by most people as undesirable or unpleasant.

The story has changed now as they have become desirable and is currently loved by most to-be brides. It is growing to be the hottest engagement ring trend in the world at the moment. Most experts are even of the opinion that in the years to come salt and pepper diamonds would take over the world.

Pepper And Salt Diamonds; What Are They?

These diamonds have been referred to by most people as “imperfect diamonds,” and this is because, for a long time, they have been discarded by brides and jewelers alike. This is simply because of certain flaws. It was not until a couple of years back, when top jewelers decided to try it out. Unlike most of the other diamonds, these imperfect diamonds do not sparkle because light is directed to another medium through the interior. Salt and pepper diamonds come with this mottled appearance that is white-ish and greyish in certain parts. It can become sparkly if placed under the right amount of light.

It is important that you remember that all diamonds come with flaws and inclusions. Often times, these inclusions are in different shapes and sizes. The salt and pepper diamonds which are otherwise referred to as imperfect diamonds happen to come with white and black inclusions. In basic terms, the word “salt” refers to white inclusions while the world “pepper” refers to black inclusions. Basically, salt and pepper diamonds are diamonds that have black and white inclusions.

Salt and pepper diamonds

How Is Salt And Pepper Diamonds Different From The Others

Surprisingly, most people see the salt and pepper diamonds as the wild version of the standard diamond, and this is because they happen to be more flawed and also less pure. As mentioned earlier, they come with a perfect mix of white and black speckles, and they also tend to be silky grey. One of the most interesting and beautiful things about salt and pepper diamonds is that none of them are the same. That is, you cannot get two of these diamonds that are exactly shaped or patterned like the other. This is unlike most of the traditional diamonds that were predominant prior to this time.

Another thing that differentiates these diamonds from the traditional ones is that they are graded differently. Basically, the four (4) predominant C’s which are; Clarity, Cut, Carat, and Cut do not come into play. They are simply rough cut and raw.

Interestingly, these diamonds are loved by women that do not conform to the general idea. That is, women that want to stand miles apart from the crowd. If you happen to be one of these women, then this diamond is for you.

Salt and pepper diamonds

Salt And Pepper Diamonds and the Environment

Another main difference between salt and pepper diamonds is that they are environmentally friendly. Its mining process when compared to that of others has a lower chance of taking a toll on our environment. The mining process is pretty straightforward; miners would have to extract a considerable amount of soil and rocks from the ground with the use of specialized machines all with the aim of discovering diamond deposits, irrespective of how small it is. It will interest you to know that there’s every possibility that over a hundred tons of diamond deposits are discovered and processed to produce about one (1) carat of premium gem-quality diamonds. Also, it is quite important to remember that the extraction process depends entirely on how rich the ore is.

Once it has been extracted, they are carefully sorted out, sold, cut and polished. After they are polished, they are set in engagement rings as well as in other jewelry pieces. You will be surprised to know that salt and pepper diamonds are less expensive when compared to traditional diamonds. With these diamonds being way cheaper than most people envisaged, you can quickly get one at an affordable price while looking classy and unique in your own way. According to most reports, salt and pepper diamonds are quite cheaper than the others because they are not as rare as the others. Irrespective of the price, salt and pepper diamonds are super durable, meaning that they can last for a longer period of time.

Salt and pepper diamonds


Most of the people that choose salt and pepper diamonds over the other traditional diamonds have said that they truly appreciate the flaws in the stones simply because they genuinely reveal its origin. It is important that you remember that unlike most of the diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds are not graded by the four C’s. This happens to be one of the main differences between these diamonds and the others.

They have been designed in a number of ways, and this is because they come in different sizes, shapes, and patterns. Since they come in different shapes and sizes, it offers designers or jewelers the flexibility to design them in a number of ways and for various occasions.

In conclusion, salt and pepper Diamonds are environmentally friendly and also their mining process is way better than that of the other Diamonds. Also, they are currently available in different designs, thus, offering all an opportunity to choose which suits them best. With a larger number of women choosing this Diamond over the others, there’s a higher chance that in the next couple of years, it could become the predominant or generally accepted Diamond for engagements and other necessary functions.




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