List Of Purple Gemstones Used In Jewelry

The color purple is known to have been used in the production of jewelry for centuries. Purple Gemstones are not as popular as other colors. Unlike red, blue and green that have thousands of gemstones to make your choice from, purple gemstones are relatively rare. Purple generally is related to power and wealth. Some refer to this color being in connection with nobility and royalty. It is not just an ordinary color as it depicts class and prestige of individuals. Gazing at the color purple gives a lot of information, but the most popular thing that comes to mind is the extent of its elegance and sophistication which makes it more eye-catching. There are numerous shades of purple which include violet, lavender, lilac, Mauve, and others. When choosing your stone, here are 7 purple gemstones that you should consider for your jewelry

Purple diamonds

Among the popular purple gemstones is the purple diamond. For the formation of this gemstone, there must be a high quantity of hydrogen. It must always be present when forming the diamond. This particular gemstone is very rare. It is not as widely found in Jewelry as other stones. They are also very expensive due to its uniqueness. But alternatives such as synthetic Diamonds are more affordable. Purple diamonds have some nicknames which they are otherwise called, and they include lilac, lavender, orchids, grape, and many others. All these colors describe the color of the stone. The classified high-quality diamonds are mostly purchased by an enthusiast. Features
  • Synthetic varieties are very affordable
  • It is very rare
  • Very expensive
  • Regarded as an exclusive gemstone.
List of purple gemstones

Purple chalcedony

This type of purple comes with different shades including dark purple and light lilac. It is normally translucent mostly to opaque and can be vitreous sometimes to waxy luster. It has a very appealing look and a beautiful natural color. Asides any crystal formation the purple chalcedony has a microcrystalline shape within it. This shape makes it more durable and reduces its cleavage. Purple chalcedony is a thick stone with a hardness as strong as 6.5 to 7 on the mohs. The popular chalcedony is characterized in relation to beautiful cravings. In some cases, these stones are actually faceted to put extra light play and depth to the jewelry. This jewelry is more attractive for both ethnic designs and bohemian designs Features
  • It is quite durable
  • Very affordable
List of purple gemstones

Purple Garnet

Garnet is a gemstone that comes in almost every color. Purple Garnets are beautiful gems that are commonly refereed to as Rhodolite Garnets or Grape Garnets. They are very durable and can be worn in almost any occasion. Features
  • Rich purple color
  • Durable
  • Can be affordable, while the intense purple Garnets command a premium price

list of purple gemstones

Purple Spinel

Among the numerous types of purple gemstones, is the purple spinel. It comes in different shades and has mauve and lilac as its selling point. Those two shades are very attractive. It is not as expensive as the blue and red spinel. It is a more durable gemstone and can be used for actual everyday wear. The purple spinel is regarded as a very brilliant gemstone. It can be sliced into a faceted gemstone to bring out its brilliance. Most purple spinels are natural. The color you see in the stone is natural and not synthesized. Features
  • It is a very brilliant
  • Rare
  • Affordable
  • Very durable
List of purple gemstones


This particular type of gemstones is really sought after as they are in competition with both the Tanzanite and the Sapphire. This brilliant stone has amazing color, particularly in purple shades. As a known fact it is more available than other gems which is why it is less valuable. The Iolite hardness is measured from ( 7 to 7.5 Mohs) and is applied in the production of virtually all types of jewelry.  When fixed in rings it is more pleasing to set Iolite in good settings like halo or even bezel. The glamorous faceted Iolite shines which makes it more eye-catching. For areas where light is Very visible, the iolite is more compatible as it catches the eye from the distance. A person who puts it on her earring or ring (finger) will get the eyes of a passerby. It is also highly ploechroic which adds to it’s beauty. Features
  • This stone is very popular
  • It is not scarce; it is in abundance
  • Very affordable
  • It has good brilliance
list of purple gemstones

Purple sapphire

When we talk about the sapphire, we are referring to a beautiful blue gemstone. But you may fail to realize that not all sapphires are blue. There is the purple sapphire. It is beautiful and rare like its counterpart. During the formation of the purple sapphire, chromium is present. You may see the amethyst and mistake it for the purple sapphire but the truth centers on the fact that they are both different. Purple sapphires are durable and hard. They are not easily broken.  You don’t need to treat sapphire because they have natural coloring. Due to their durability and their brilliance, they are widely preferred for making an engagement ring. Features
  • The purple sapphire is uncommon.
  • It is rarely untreated
  • Outstanding durability
  • Unique
list of purple gemstones


In classifying the most popular purple gemstones, the Amethyst is number one. In ancient times, the amethyst was regarded as a precious gemstone higher than others. It was an equal par with rubies emeralds and diamonds. During an excavation in Brazil, a lot of amethyst were found which made them rampant and reduces its quality as it became very affordable. They mostly come in shades of purple and their hardness is about 7 (Mohs). This makes them very durable and perfect for every day wear. Features
  • It was the most popular gemstone
  • Amethyst is abundantly found
  • Affordable
  • Very durable
list of purple gemstones

Purple Jasper

Another party to the family of the purple gemstones is the purple jasper. It is commonly blue but also has some purple shades. The purple jasper is rarely faceted. It has some variety of chalcedony. The hardness is about 6.5 to 7(Mohs) and has a very good hardness due to its compact nature. Pieces of jewelry made from Jasper can last for long without creating fear of being damaged. Purple has a combination of both red and blue. These colors are normally the warmest colors which when combined makes purple the coolest color. It has widely been known in connection to royalty, and this makes it more unique and remarkable.




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