List Of Gemstones That Come From Asia

One of the biggest continents in the world is Asia. While Asia is known for its rich culture and cuisines, the number of gemstones that come out of it is noteworthy. They have the ability to leave people in awe due to their glorious look and rarity. You can expect to see gemstones such as Spinel, Ruby and Sapphire amongst others. Gemstones found in Asia are appealing to the eye.  It is therefore not a surprise that many people want to get these gemstones for themselves. Want to have a comprehensive list of the gemstones which come from Asia? The gemstones listed below are among the most popular and highly valued gems in the world that come from Asia.


The world is full of Diamonds. This can be seen in the many pieces of jewelry that are made from this gemstone.  Fortunately, diamonds can be found in most parts of Asia. Diamonds are one of the more popular gemstones in Asia. In fact, diamonds are considered to form a large portion of the total gemstones in Asia. Clear evidence of the profound effect that diamond has in Asia is seen in the fact that Asia is among the leading producers of Diamonds in the world. You can expect to find diamonds that are big, small, clear and absolutely breathtaking. You would surely not be disappointed with the appearance of a diamond.



Jade is very much in demand in Asia. Therefore, it would only be fitting that Asia would be also one of the main producers of this gemstone. Jades are mostly green and are beautiful to look at. The history of Jade is quite rich too. It can be traced all the way back to times immemorial. It is believed to have been useful when creating weapons and other carvings that were used to create ornaments. In Asia itself, there are specific countries who are specifically known for their large production of Jade. One of those countries is Myanmar who is often considered to produce the largest quantity of Jade in the world. Another producer of this unique gemstone is China. Of all the gemstones found in Asia, Jade has a special place in the heart of all Asians.

list of gemstones from Asia


Rubies can be found in most parts of the world today. However, rubies in Asia are especially striking. It is not surprising then they are in huge demand across the world. Some of the countries where you can find rubies in large quantities would include Myanmar, Vietnam amongst others. Rubies stand out among the gemstones found in Asia due to its wonderful colorings. Most users have described this color to be incredible and deep. Another reason why rubies stand out in Asia is due to the fluorescence that comes with it.

Rubies are gemstones that most of the world see as highly desirable and valuable. One of the reasons why there are very valuable is because of the circumstances or locations where they are found. For example, most rubies which are found in Asia are usually found in marbles. These are not just ordinary marbles. These marbles usually have little or no iron at all present in them. Therefore, the glow and special coloring that comes with the rubies are not affected. It is clear then that the rubies found in Asia are truly unique and outstanding.



One gemstone found in Asia is Spinel. Spinel can mostly be found in mines and can be traced back to early civilizations. Spinel is very hard to come by outside of Asia. Most Asians would consider the spinel gemstones to be their native gemstones. The only place outside Asia that produces commercial quantities of material is in Tanzania.

The history of this gemstone found in Asia shows that it was mostly used by the royal family in times past. Most rulers of ancient times considered this gemstone to be completely fascinating and beautiful to the eye. Due to its similarity in stature, most people would mistaken the Spinel to be a ruby. However, they are completely different from each other.

The spinel would also appear in more than one color. You can expect to see it in colors such as pink, red hues, purple and so much more. If you find yourself in Asia, then take time to find the spinel gemstone. It promises to be an incredible adventure.



Gemstones found in Asia would surely not be complete with the mention of Sapphire. Who would not love the crystal clear blue stone which can be found in most parts of Asia? This stone is known to be elegant and simply stunning to the human eye. You can expect to see these stones in places such as Vietnam in Asia. Many deposits of Sapphire would also be found in other countries such as Sri Lanka.

The sapphire stone can be found in various colors and shapes. You can expect to find blue, yellow, orange and black sapphires. One reason why sapphire is desirable to most people in the world today is because of its durability. The elements which come together to form sapphire are known for their potent ability to withstand even the most intense scratching. In fact, it has been proven that the only way in which you can successfully scratch a sapphire stone is by using a diamond. That is simply impressive, to say the least.



One of the delights of creation is no doubt the various gemstones that are scattered around the world. Asia as a continent is especially blessed with so many gemstones. The unique thing about these gemstones found in Asia is the fact that they all come with different qualities that make them distinct from one another. Hence, whether you choose to get a ruby gemstone or Jade, you can be confident that your gemstone is amazing in its own right.




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