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Pearls in themselves have varieties of colors, not just white like most people see it be. These colors give pearl shoppers varieties of color to shop for according to the color they love the most. Some of the pearl colors are highly sought-after and expensive because they are rarely seen. White pearls are regarded as the original pearl color; other pearl colors are developed in one of two ways, either naturally or artificially.

The natural colored pearl occurs by the effects of nature and natural processes upon the pearl, and this process is dependent on two known factors which are the type of Mollusk and the thickness of nacre. The mollusk lip is the outer part of the shell in which the pearl is formed, the color of the mollusk lip will to an extent determine the color of pearls. An example is the Pinctada Margaritifera oyster that has silver and gray tints in its Mollusk lip, and this influences the color of the black Tahitian pearl that is extracted from it.

The second natural factor that influences pearl color is the thickness of nacre. The nacre is a substance used within the mollusk to layer places that are irritant; when the nacre is thick, the color of the pearl becomes deeper and richer.

The artificial colored pearl occurs by man’s action on the pearl in order to change it from its original color; one of the ways this is done is by dying. The current colors of pearls shoppers can get their hands on or can see in the market are green pear, gold pearls, purple pearls, blue pearls, pink pearls, black pearls, white pearls, etc.

Let’s take a look at each of these pearl colors so they can guide you whenever you shop for pearls but bear in mind that there are other two factors to consider before you pick any color, the first is your skin color and the second is the amount of cash you intend to spend on the pearl, this is because some colors are very expensive.

Blue Pearls

Blue pearls are one of the most unique and rare pearl color buyers can find in the market, blue colored pearl comes in a different array of hues, and these array of hues range from Pastel Sky Blue and down to Midnight blues. Blue pearls that are naturally colored are few, and they are;

  • Blue Akoya Pearls: The blue Akoya pearls have excessively strong overtones of blue and their sizes range from 7.5mm to 9.5mm on the average.
  • Sea of Cortez or Tahitian Pearl: Tahitian or Sea of Cortez is an over-toned blue pearl. This blue pearl type varies in its overtone from cerulean, violet, blue-green, teal, etc. The sea of Cortez or Tahitian pearls are 8.00mm to 14.00mm on the average.
  • Silver-Blue White South Sea: This blue pearl ranges from 9.00mm to 16.00mm on the average

Some of these blue pearls like the blue Akoya is harnessed in Vietnam and Japan.

pearl colors

Peach and Pink Pearls

This pearl is farmed in the freshwater Pearl mussel in China, this is done along with other mussels bred that are hybrid, and this will make them produce different colors and sizes. Green, Aquamarine, Rose and Gold hues are the common overtones in pink to peach pearl. Pink pearls are among the highly prized pearls especially in the United States of America. Majority of the pink pearls in the market today are freshwater pearls that are dyed because of the rareness of the natural pink pearl.

The sizes of pink to peach pearls ranges from 4.0mm to 12.0mm, but on the average, their sizes are 6.0mm to 9.5mm.

pearl colors

Black Pearls

Dark pearls have existed for centuries, and they have captured the eyes of men. There are several black pearls but naturally-colored black pearl are Tahitian pearls and Sea of Cortez Pearls, and they are found in Polynesia and Guyamas respectively. Other black pearls that are color treated to get darker hues also exist. Black freshwater pearls, and black Akoya are amongst such pearls. There are various overtones for black pearl but the common once blue-green, silver, copper, aquamarine and silver.

The sizes of black pearl range from 8.00mm to 16.00mm and upwards for Tahitian pearls and Sea Cortez pearls, others come in different sizes.

Pearl colors

White Pearls

White color pearls are one of the most popular pearls colors loved by people because of its elegance and the meaning read to its white color which is purity, and this color and meaning read to white pearls have continually increased its usage as wedding jewelry.

The white pearls have different types that include White Fresh Water Pearls, White Akoya and White South Sea Pearl. The overtones of white pearls are cream, silver, and others.

The white pearl is one of the smallest in size which ranges from as low as 1mm to 2.00mm and 20.00 on the high side.

pearl colors - white pearls

Gold Pearls

Gold colored Pearls are one of the rarest pearls culture that currently exists in the world. They have their colors from pale champagne to 24k golden hues that is intense. The gold colored pearl is generally attributed to wealth, prosperity and class; they are among the most expensive sets of pearls because owning them is an ideal way of showing prestige and class. The overtones for gold pearls are silver, gold, green, champagne and rose.

The sizes of gold colored pearl using South Sea Pearls are 9.00mm to 16.00mm and higher.

Pearl colors

Chocolate Pearls

The chocolate colored pearl is not a veteran pearl in terms of been popular because they recently became popular because of the status they gained on the red carpet. The chocolate colored pearls are of three main types which are the naturally colored chocolate Tahitians, color treated Chocolate Tahitian and the dyed Chocolate Freshwater pearl. In it overtones, you will find subtle tones of Green and Bronze, Gold and Rose.

The chocolate pearl in its sizes can range from 9.00mm to 14.00, but on the average, it ranges from 10.00mm to 12.00mm.

pearl colors

Colored pearls are found in varieties of colors in the pearl market because of the artificial means of getting any color desired. When you are shopping for your Pearls, keep in mind that selecting a color is just the first step in deciding what Pearl is perfect for you.



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