Grey Gemstones

Gemstones come in various colors including red, blue, green, grey etc. There are quite a number of factors that strikes a person’s interest in a particular gemstone. One of the greatest factors that a lot of people consider is color. Most people looking to buy gemstones today are concerned about the color of the gemstone they are being offered. We are going to focus more on grey gemstones in this post. You will rarely find a gemstone that is pure grey or silver; most of them come as Spinel. Spinel is brilliant and has single refraction that shows grey and silver. Grey Spinel | Seda Gems Grey gemstones are very few because the color grey is not particularly associated with stones and jewelry. In the world of gemstones, grey is quite an uncommon and unique color. There are very few gemstones that are purely grey in color. The rareness of color grey amongst other gemstones makes it fascinating. Generally, grey gemstones have a subdued beauty; they are not the kind of gemstones that sparkles with the same intensity as other colors like a red gemstone or blue gemstone. The color grey is a neutral color that can be paired with other colors. It is a perfect combination with black and white. Grey represents compromise, balance, calmness, emotionless and sophistication. Here are some of the top grey gemstones that are used in making jewelry today.

Grey Moonstone

Moonstone is arguably the most famous grey gemstone. For a long time jewelry lovers have been attracted to Moonstone because of its spectacular appearance. This gemstone has a bland appearance but with the presence of light it comes to life. Grey moonstone is translucent; it makes great pendants, bracelets, earrings and other closely protected types of jewelry. They are not used for rings because they are soft and can’t receive hard blows; they need to be protected. Moonstone has a soft color and sheen that you can get lost in. Grey Moonstone | Seda Gems


Hematite is a common gemstone that can be generously found in the earth’s crust.  It has a black to steel-grey color. It can cater for a wide range of jewelry styles. From classic to sophisticated, vintage, hippie, modern and accessories like studs and cuff links. Though it is not highly durable, it is a very brilliant gemstone. Hematite went out of vogue for a bit, but it is back on trend. Hematite has a thick crystal that may be tabular, pyramidal, rhomboidal or prismatic. It can be made into necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. When used for rings, it has to be protected because its smooth and reflective surface can scratch easily. Grey Hematite | Seda Gems

Grey Diamond

Many people do not know that there is a gemstone known as a grey Diamond. These Diamonds are grey because hydrogen is included in its composition. Grey Diamond comes in different hues ranging from faint grey to fancy dark grey. You may find grey Diamonds tagged with nicknames such as charcoal grey, silver and pigeon to identify the different shades or hues. A grey Diamond is more beautiful than the traditional Diamonds that are either colorless or black. It is just something in between. They are affordable compared to the traditional colored Diamonds. A great property that makes grey Diamonds perfect for any type of jewelry is its high durability. Grey Diamond creates a beautiful haze of light and nothing compares to the hardness of Diamond. Grey Diamond | Seda Gems

Grey Labradorite

Labradorite is a popular gemstone that is growing to be more popular by the day. It is instantly recognizable. It has a fascinating sheen and stunning play of color. This gemstone is usually grey or grey-black in color. It is also iridescent. Transparent Labradorite is not as valuable as the opaque type and they are not iridescent. Most Labradorite has spectacular flashes of light that are extremely attractive. Labradorite is great for many jewelry applications. It brings in a play of colors to grace any part of the body you wear it on. Labradorite looks amazing when set in rose or yellow gold. Labradorite can create a chic look when worn as earrings, necklaces or rings and looks stunning as an engagement ring. Grey Labradorite | Seda Gems

Mother Of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is an organic gemstone found in the inner shell of molluscs. It is the shiny substance that beams when you open the inside of an oyster shell. Mother of Pearl is also known as Nacre. This organic gemstone is also iridescent in nature just like Labradorite. It ranges from opaque to translucent in appearance. It is a really affordable gemstone causerie it can be easily found. Just as it is typical for all organic gemstones to be soft, Mother Of Pearl is the same. It is soft and can easily scratch or damage if not well protected. It is the perfect gemstone for inlay jewelry, earrings and pendants. They are not good for rings because of their soft nature. Grey Mother Of Pearl | Seda Gems

Grey Chalcedony

Chalcedony is an abundant gemstone. Grey Chalcedony can be commonly found and therefore is relatively affordable. It is a tough stone which is a cryptocrystaline form of silica, fine Moganite and Quartz. It doesn’t have a crystal formation inside it. You’d rather find Chalcedony to be smooth, tough and compact on the inside. Chalcedony is durable, which is a property that makes it possible for this gemstone to be used for all types of jewelry. The high-value point for chalcedony is its translucent nature and strong color saturation. Grey Chalcedony | Seda Gems

Grey Pearl

Grey Pearl is a break from the traditional white Pearl. It has a sophisticated look that Pearls are known for. Grey Pearls come in hues ranging from dusty grey to metallic gunmetal grey. It is not common and needs great care and maintenance to keep them lustrous.
Grey Pearl | Seda Gems
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