Are Emeralds Clear Or Cloudy?

One of the gemstones that stand out from the rest of the crowd would certainly be the Emerald. Emerald is often considered to be one of the finest quality gemstones and is the birthstone for the month of May. This allows it to be referred to as the stone of love and affection. When you first spot an Emerald gemstone, the first thing you will surely notice is its color. Emeralds are green and sparkling and it won’t take long until you are hooked on this fine gemstone. Despite all these amazing traits, all Emeralds are not the same. This can be seen by the fact that some Emeralds are considered to be more valuable than others. In fact, there is a way to know when an Emerald holds a lot of value.  One way is to check the clarity of an Emerald. Is the Emerald clear or cloudy? You would also need to research on the various inclusions which may be part of the Emerald. All this would help you to know if you’ve got a valuable Emerald in your hands or not.

Checking for clarity and inclusions

While every Emerald might seem to be perfect and spotless to you, that may not be the case. Some Emeralds have certain inclusions which may be present but not seen with the human eye. When an Emerald has an inclusion or several inclusions, the result is that the Emerald would sport a mossy view. This view or look is sometimes likened to Jardin which means garden in French.
Mossy Jardin Emerald | Seda Gems
Mossy Jardin Emerald

The reasons for inclusions are not hard to understand. It can be traced back to the first time that Emeralds occurred on earth. Emeralds are products of several earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. However, during this process, it is all too easy for an Emerald to crack because of the pressure and the disruptions around it. When an Emerald cracks and keeps cracking, the result would be that the color of the emerald would change ever so slightly. It would then become a bit “cloudy.”

So can an Emerald be clear or cloudy?

So are Emeralds cloudy or clear? Well, the answer to that question would largely depend on the type of Emerald you have in your possession. If you have an Emerald which has little or no inclusions, then you can expect that this Emerald would be quite clear and perhaps even transparent. For these reasons, most Emeralds which are clear are highly sought after in the market all over the world. The likely places where you are most likely to see a clear Emerald would include Brazil, Columbia and Pakistan. Clear Emeralds are often used for the many fine pieces of jewelry. Are Emeralds Clear Or Cloudy? | Seda Gems However, if your Emerald has many inclusions, you will notice that your Emerald may appear opaque. While opaque Emeralds are not usually viewed as very valuable in the market, they are still used in less valuable jewelry and still appreciated.  Most opaque Emeralds are used to make beads. Others are also used in pendants and other decorative jewelry. The truth is, that despite their opaque view, they are still very beautiful to have. Many people enjoy using this form of Emerald because of its beauty and the fact that the price is considerably lower than that of the clear Emeralds which most people seem to value more.

The beauty of the Emerald

Emeralds are simply amazing to look at. For most people, Emeralds can be likened to humans that have clear green eyes. The reason is that green happens to be the obvious color of the Emerald. Therefore eyes that are normally green in color are referred to as Emeralds. However, green is not the only color of an Emerald. Are Emeralds Clear or Cloudy? | Seda Gems Emeralds also have a blue color hidden in the midst of the greenness. However, not all Emeralds have the ability to hold such a color. Are your Emeralds clear or cloudy? The answer to that question would likely determine just whether your Emerald would emit that blue color.

However, how does the Emerald manage to look so spotlessly green? One reason is because of the various elements that are present in the gemstone. Some Emeralds would contain Chromium, Iron and even Vanadium. When these elements are present, the effect is a sparkling green color which has the ability to take your breath away. Are Emeralds Clear Or Cloudy? | Seda Gems While these elements give the Emerald its dark green look; the color could change if there happens to be a flaw with the Emerald. This flaw, as stated earlier, may be an inclusion in the Emerald. This would lead to the Emerald being a bit lighter in color than usual. Once this happens, the value of the Emerald is likely to decrease. Emeralds belong to the Beryl family of gemstones. Note that if a gemstone is yellow or blue in color it is no longer referred to as an Emerald but is still apart of the Beryl family but will are then refereed to as Heliodor (Yellow Beryl) and Aquamarine (Blue Beryl). Amazing I know! So are Emeralds clear or cloudy? The answer is that they can be both, depending on the circumstances in which they were made. If there are many inclusions present in your Emerald and it appears cloudy, understand it’s still beautiful, but not as valuable as a clear Emerald.  Regardless, all Emeralds are a thing of natural beauty and sometimes it’s the natural inclusions that are the most amazing part of the gemstone.




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