Gemstones That Come From China

There are a large number of gemstones that come from China. As the years go by, the demand for these gemstones increase. Some gemstones that come from China include:

Chicken Bloodstone

The chicken blood gemstone is one of the most demanded gemstones that come from China. The stone is often referred to as Changhua Stone. It is a gemstone with a combination of quartz and diclzite. The stone has been popular in the country for over 500 years and is seen as one of China’s noble gems. The stone goes from a lucid to a semi-translucent form. It can be found in white, grey, red or yellow. The gemstone is quite soft with a Mohs of 3. A large number of the stone are mined from Balinyouqi. It is considerably elastic hence it can be used for carving of seals, beads and wall pieces.


Amber is another gemstone that comes from China. It can be found in large quantities in the north-eastern regions of China. The stone often varies from yellow to brown and can also be found in green, blue, orange, pink or red. Amber is frequently used for jewelry. The Chinese also believe it has healing properties and so they crush it up for this purpose.

What are Organic Gemstones? | Seda GemsAgate

Agates are iridescent and smooth gemstone which can be found in China. It comes in a variety of colors such as brown and red. The high-quality agates have great color play and are usually transparent. It is also a hard gemstone which makes it tough to cut and shape it. For this reason, only experts can craft the gemstone in jewelry. When it is carefully crafted into unique designs, agates are very attractive.

agate from chinaSapphire

Sapphires are special gemstones which come from corundum. It contains a number of elements such as copper, iron, chromium, and magnesium. The most popular of the gemstone is blue, but it also comes in colors such as purple, green, yellow and orange. Sapphire crystals found in Haina are the biggest in gemstones in China. Most sapphires are often cut and polished to be used for jewelry. Sapphires are remarkably hard (Mohs – 9). They are the hardest gemstones after diamonds. In China, the stone is seen to represent leadership, success, inner strength and illumination. In the country, it is commonly used for meditation and can be referred to as Third Eye Gemstone.


Diamond is one of the most popular and most valued gemstones in the world. A large amount of this gem can be found in China. Diamonds have the highest percentage of hardness of any other natural material. The arrangement of the atoms in the stone makes it very rigid with few impurities. Diamonds can be found in blue, yellow, brown, green, orange, pink, purple or red. It also has a high optical dispersion. A large number of natural diamonds have been in existence for over 1 billion years. In China, Diamond represents valor, power, fortification, clarity, and virtue.

Gemstones that come form China - DiamondTurquoise

Turquoise can be found in Hubei, China. The gemstone varies from blue to green. It is opaque and has a combination of aluminum and copper. The stone has been well known in China for many years. The gemstone is fairly soft (Mohs – 5) and has a magnitude of 2.696-2.698. In China, the Chinese turquoise is usually referred to as Porcelain Turquoise and has a sky blue color. It is frequently used for jewelry, beads, figurines, and vases.
Gemstones that come from China
Photo by Obregonia D. Toretto from Pexels


Nephrite is a gemstone which can be found in Xinjiang Uygur Au, China. The types of nephrite found in the Kunlun Mountains were very small with rough components of stones. These gems appear in a large variety of tones. Green is the most common tone as it is seen as the most beautiful stone for the Chinese. It is usually used for beads, carvings, and cabochon. Nephrite can be found from translucent to light yellow and has a high thermal capacity. The Chinese believe Nephrite can heal migraines, eye diseases, and clear evil thoughts.

Gemstones that come from ChinaZircon

Zircon is a gemstone which is similar to sapphires although it is much smaller than sapphires. It comes in a number of colors such as yellow, blue, green and red. The biggest zircon which is 42mm x 12mm in size can be found in Beijing Geological Museum. The gem is believed to be therapeutic by the Chinese with a number of healing purposes.


Jade is a gemstone with great symbolism and lots of history. Throughout Chinese history, jade has retained high importance and bears similar value with gold and diamond. It comes in different shades of green and can also be found in yellow, violet and black. Many years ago in China, the gemstone was highly valuable because of its stiffness. Over 3000 years ago, it was referred to as the ‘royal gem.’ The gem is not only used to make fascinating objects but was also used in making furniture for wealthy families. In recent times, jade is held in high regard and considered to be attractive with its high quality. It has a brilliant luster hence cabochon is best suited for it. Stone collectors find jade to be a mesmerizing gemstone. The worth of the stone is usually based on its shade, its strength, its quality, transparency, and verve. In Europe, green emerald jade is of high value. White and yellow jade is also esteemed.

gemstones that come from chinaGarnet

Garnets are a number of silicate minerals which have been utilized since the Bronze age. They are used as abrasives and gemstones. Despite having different chemical compositions, all the types of garnets have similar crystal forms and physical properties. The different types of garnet include grossular, almandine, pyrope, spessartine, andradite, uvarovite and so on. The gemstone comes in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, orange, green, blue, black, pink and a colorless shade. It is relatively strong ranking 7 on Mohs scale. The harder specie of garnet are used as abrasives.




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