Engagement Rings – Coloured Gems Are A Girls New Best Friend

Engagement Rings – Coloured Gems Are A Girls New Best Friend

In recent years, women have been wanting to create engagement rings that are more personal and unique. The use of coloured gemstones has allowed them to do just that, making each and every ring a “one of a kind”.

Before De Beers started their huge Diamond marketing campaign in 1938, it was actually common place to wear coloured gemstones as an engagement ring. Popular stones included Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald and most of these were flanked by Diamonds. These days there is a bigger push to use exotic gemstones like loose Morganite or even Spinel as the center stone.

Some famous engagement rings include:

Napoleon gave his wife a Sapphire and Diamond ring: screen-shot-2013-07-15-at-9-27-32-am

John F Kennedy proposed with a beautiful Emerald Ring:


Princess Dianna and now Princess Kate both said “Yes” to a stunning Sapphire ring;

Princess Kate

Today, coloured gemstone engagement rings not only offer something unique, but they also offer more “bling for your buck”. Buying a large solitaire Diamond ring can cost the same as a small car, whereas for a fraction of the price, a large coloured gemstone can be used for the center stone.

See below for some of the stones that Seda Gems has had the pleasure of providing for engagement rings:

engagement rings
2.01cts Padparascha Sapphire from Sri Lanka. One of the rarest gemstones on earth.
engagement ring
5.12cts Yellow Sapphire from Sri Lanka. Unheated, big and beautiful.
engagement ring
2.01cts Paraiba Tourmaline from Paraiba, Brazil. This is a very unique and rare gemstone.

Celebrities have caught on to the trend and have started to sport coloured engagement rings.







Seda Gems can help you source a unique gemstone for your engagement ring. Just ask!

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