Why Buying Loose Gemstones Is A Good Idea

Why Buying Loose Gemstones Is A Good Idea

There are a lot of advantages associated with buying loose gemstones on the internet. This may be because you are looking for a unique and beautiful gemstone to make into a piece of jewelry. Perhaps you are just building a gemstone collection and would want to get a variety of good quality gems at a good price.  Some of the advantages include;

Price – Buying Loose Gemstones

It is considerably cheaper buying loose gemstones from a gem dealer than from a jeweler and this is because of the price factor. The jeweler might have brought from a gem dealer, which would require them to mark up the individual stone. When you decide to deal with the gem dealer you will almost always get loose gemstones at a better price and this may include the price you pay for having the loose gemstone set in a piece of jewelry.


When dealing with a gemstone dealer, you are assured of freedom of choice because of the vast range of the loose gemstones they will stock. With jewelry stores, they usually do not have a wide and unique range from where you can choose from and this leads them to making a dozen or hundreds of the same piece of jewelry. Buying loose gemstones from a gem dealer also tends to give you quality loose gemstones instead of those that are fairly identical as is the case when it comes to jewelry stores. With a dealer, you get to select the stone that you want and usually, it probably is the right one that you want. Take for example loose Morganite. These stones may be difficult for a Jeweller to source however a dealer will be able to show many different shapes and size.


With a gem dealer, you are assured of disclosure in regards to the gemstone you have bought. Gem dealers are usually very detailed when selling their gemstones and when you buy from them, take comfort in knowing that it is of the right quality. Shopping for a number of them will enable you create unique jewelry that you will not find in a jewelry store. Higher quality stones are basically impossible to find in many jewelry stores but when it comes to buying loose gemstones, you will most probably get those that appeal to you quite easily. It is also hard for a jeweler to disclose any information regarding the gemstone and this is in regards to whether there are any imperfections on it. It may be also hard to find a jeweler who is well versed in gemstones but when you deal with a gem dealer, invaluable information will be given to you that will of course be of importance.


When buying loose gemstones from a gem stone dealer, you will also get to see what the true value of a gemstone is but this is not the case with jewelers or jewelry stores. This is because when a gemstone is set in a piece of jewelry, inclusions can be hidden and its color may look deeper and brighter thus hiding its true value. It has often been observed that the color can even totally change due to the material being used in the setting of the stone.

So in the event that you are looking for your money’s worth, consider buying loose gemstones on the internet and you will be glad that you did!



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