Anniversary Stones and Jewelry By Year

It is really nice to see two people who have been together year after year. What better way to showcase your love than by gifting an anniversary stone. An anniversary stone can really symbolise your love and as it sparkles it really shows that your love is blossoming. It is common to hear that the 25th anniversary has a traditional jewel attached to it, while the 50th anniversary comes with a varying gemstone choices. Why not brush up your knowledge of anniversary stones by taking a ride with us?

1st Anniversary: Gold

This is usually one of the most exciting anniversaries as the couple are still basking in the euphoria of a new marriage. Since both of you are starting a life together, you may not have so much money for an expensive jewel. To showcase that you are crazy about your partner, you can consider opting for a simple Gold bracelet or necklace. Or for your man, you could decide to take it up a notch and choose some gold cuff links or a gold ring.

Anniversary Stones and Jewelry By Year

2nd Anniversary: Garnet

Now that both of you have settled into your second year of marriage you maybe thinking about serious life decisions. Even so, lust is not lost in the 2nd year of marriage and what better way to remind the love of your life that you are still madly in love than with a Garnet. Garnets come in various hues like green, yellow, as well as pink. The most commonly known Garnet is the Rhodolite Garnet which has a purple hue and is quite tough. You could consider Garnet earrings for your wife, or a Garnet ring for your man. Garnet lends itself to be set it in white metal which gives it more sparkle, such as Platinum or White Gold.

Anniversary Stones and Jewelry By Year

3rd Anniversary: Pearls

This gemstone is either cultured in a lab or natural. The natural Pearl is known to cost a lot more than the cultured variation. One can’t say that there is any other difference between both. When you stare at both, the cultured kind stands out because it possesses more luminescence than a natural pearl. The natural pearl usually comes into being by sand being implanted in mussel. On the other hand, the cultured one occurs when a bead is implanted in an oyster.

For natural kinds, the color it turns to is based on luck. As for the other kind, the farmer of the pearl puts in an irritant, while the pearl has no choice but to grow round it. You can find pearls in a lot of hues, making it a great anniversary stone. Whatever your lover wants, be it a pendant, ring, or earrings, you can get pearl jewelry of such kind. If you opt for a pearl ring, you have to be careful so as not to break it since it’s fragile.

Anniversary Stones and Jewelry By Year

4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz

The fourth anniversary is here, and you are wondering what anniversary gift to give your spouse. Why not try out the anniversary stone to represent your four years together? Topaz is a gemstone that has a lot of hues, as well as shades, and out of all them, the most common is the Blue Topaz.

With the advancement of technology, it is possible to get Blue Topaz that has been enhanced using diffusion. In this process colorless Topaz is heated for a long time with Beryllium coating it. Once done, this is highly permanent, and can’t be changed to its previous state. If you want to get a deeper shade of blue, which is called the London blue, an irradiation process is used. This is permanent and can’t be changed. The blue topaz is very beautiful; hence it can symbolize the love you share with your partner.

It comes in a myriad of shades and styles. You can buy the Blue Topaz bracelet or pendant for your wife, and a Blue Topaz ring for your husband. This symbolizes that your love is indeed rare, unseen anywhere else.

Anniversary Stones and Jewelry By Year

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

Like the other gemstones discussed before, Sapphire comes in numerous hues, though the one that is loved the most is Blue. If your lover likes pink, white or violet, you can opt for that one. If you want the shade that is a mixture of pink and orange, then you can try opting for the rare Padparadscha Sapphire.

A lot of Sapphires usually go through the process of heat treatment, to give them the desired shade. The effect of this process is usually permanent. This is very sturdy compared to some other gems. Celebrate your fifth anniversary with this anniversary stone.

Anniversary Stones and Jewelry By Year

6th Anniversary: Amethyst

Going to your sixth year together, and you are thinking of getting an anniversary stone, Amethyst will do the trick. Though a lot of persons feel that Amethyst comes only in purple, it is possible to get a myriad of shades of light purple and pink. You can buy the Amethyst in whatever jewelry style you wish for.

Anniversary Stones and Jewelry By Year

7th Anniversary: Onyx

Currently, celebrating seven happy years together, nothing screams better of joy than Onyx. Onyx is a gemstone that is used a lot in men’s jewelry. For him, buy an Onyx ring that can have Diamond. You can get her Onyx earrings or Onyx jewelry mixed with white metal.

10th Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry

A decade together signifies that the marriage is meant to last. What screams of that, if not a piece of diamond Jewelry. Since this is a special year, the anniversary stone is one that screams of being special. Getting her a diamond ring that she can add to her diamond engagement ring will definitely make her happy.

You can also get a diamond ring for him, or if he is one that loves earrings, who said you couldn’t get diamond studs?

Anniversary Stones and Jewelry By Year

25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

This is a special time. You have to bring out the big guns for this, as twenty-five years together is no small feet. You should consider splurging on the best of silvers. You can opt for a silver wristwatch and so on. If you want, you can decide to diversify and opt for other precious metals like platinum or white gold.

Anniversary Stones and Jewelry By Year

30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

Five years after the twenty-fifth anniversary and both of you are still strong, isn’t a great time to be grateful?

Since this is the gem for the third anniversary, you need to splurge on high-quality pearls, twenty-seven years after.

Anniversary Stones and Jewelry By Year

40th Anniversary: Ruby

Opting for a Ruby screams of love. Who wouldn’t stare at the ruby for a long time? Express your love with the ruby. It comes in many jewelry kinds.

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

Scream to the heavens, for you and your spouse, have weathered the storm and blossomed in love for fifty years. It won’t be a bad idea to get him a gold watch to show how much you love him. You can get her, white gold in any jewelry kind that she fancies




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