September Birthstone – Sapphire

The traditional September birthstone is the Sapphire. As the inspired poem depicts, the Sapphire is strongly associated with values such as sincerity and truth:

“A maiden born when autumn leaves

Are rustling in September’s breeze,

A Sapphire on her brow should bind;

To bring her joy and peace of mind.”

September Birthstone Symbolism

The Sapphire was a crucial tool to the ancient man as he tried to decipher the complex nature of the universe. The sun by then was understood to be the sole source of life but there was no understanding what held the sky, earth and water together. When Sapphire was discovered by the Persians, it was believed that they held the earth. It was for this reason that the Sapphire began to be associated with wealth and prosperity. By then, an exchange of the Sapphire symbolized a contractual agreement based on trust and integrity. It was not unusual to see Roman letters being sealed using Sapphire wax or bearing a Sapphire ring as a stamp.

When it came to fidelity, Sapphires represented the true mark of faithfulness. It was not uncommon to see traditional warriors according their wives Sapphire necklaces to ensure they were faithful. According to the folklore then, the gem would become darker if it came into contact with an unworthy person. For the Greek, they associated this gem with the God of Clairvoyance. It was hence a common ornament by individuals seeking his blessings.

September Birthstone Qualities

The red colored gems are rubies and hence any other color is for Sapphires. The most prized of all is the mystical deep blue. Other Sapphires that are of much significance come in yellow, pink and green colors. The rarest of them all is referred to as the padparadscha and it contains unique orange-pink shades.  The best qualities of Sapphires are found in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Other sources include Kenya, India and Myanmar amongst others.


Sapphires are precious stones of high value like Ruby and Diamond. The value of the stone is strongly dependent on the color, cut and clarity. Of all, the blue Sapphire is the most valuable with violet and purple ones following closely. Green and gray colored sapphires are less desired as they have reduced clarity.  There is no doubt that Sapphire is of unparalleled elegance which makes is amongst the most sought after jewelry. When cut and carved like diamond, it has unmatched brilliance regardless of its source and color.

September Birthstone Mystical Powers

Like most valued gemstones, Sapphire is said to contain a number of healing powers. It is said to reduce fever, rheumatism and ease inflammation.  It is also associated with mental clarity where it gives the wearer a focused mind and reduced instances of nervous disorder. There are also those who believe that it helps enhance the circulatory system and protects against negative emotions and energies.  It is the appropriate gift for a loved one as it accords the wearer intelligence and power in addition to a shiny elegant outlook.




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