What Are Tumbled Gemstones?

Tumbled gemstones come in a variety of different colors, from glowing yellow through to red and even colorless. They are tiny bits of minerals that generally measure from one to five centimetres. They have been processed to form curved pebbles that have a nice polish on them. Tumbled Gemstones are generally used for crafting jewelry, creating projects, as well as collecting. These types of stones are perfect for young children as the stones are relatively cheap. They are particular popular in gift stores, tourist caves, museums, and other art attractions. Many geologists catch the geology bug once they receive a tumbled gemstone as a gift, of come across them in a store themselves.

Tumbled Gemstones Colors

Tumbled gemstones have a highly-polished appearance, and can have brilliant colors. They come in almost every color imaginable. One of the most popular gemstones to tuble are from the Quartz famly. This includes Amethyst and colorless Quartz. Tumbled Gemstones


Tumbled gemstones can be found almost anywhere. The most common tumbled gemstone is Quartz which is abundant.

Rock Tumbling

The process of taking a rough gemstone and tumbling it is called Rock Tumbling. It is a four step process that will result in beautifully polished gemstones. before you begin, it is important to pick rough material that will actually produce a nice gemstone. Try to avoid any rough material with large cracks as these will likely break apart inside the cylinder.
  1. Load a tumbling cylinder with a coarse grit medium (such as 60/90 grit silicon carbide)
  2. Next step is to empty and clean the cylinder and re-load it with a medium grit medium (150/220 grit silicon carbide)
  3. Next step is the pre polish step. This uses a fine grit medium to begin the olish (600 grit silicon carbide)
  4. Last step is polish. Use a very fne polishing compaound such as aluminium oxide powder (or TXP)

Healing Aspects

Tumbled gemstones offer soothing peace that can assist people through stages of loss and grieving. It provides inner power, which can be helpful in keeping the peace and harmony in homes steeped in anxiety. It is a comforting stone that can also be of assistance when you are making big decisions, offering sensibility and intuition. In addition to this, it can help joint and bone problems, including neck pain, as well as keeping the body stable. Using tumbled gemstones can add power to any crystal grouping, providing helpful energy for any environment. Tumbled stones energize, cleanse, and warm the entire system of the body. It’s the perfect tool to disperse pessimistic energies. It also promotes prosperity and attracts wealth. Place it in the left corner of your drawer at home, a till or cash box at work, and use it to catch wealth. Tumbled gemstones also transmit vibrations of encouragement to anyone nearby. It has often been connected with the solar plexus and navel chakras. It can be used to wash out other chakras, too, assisting them in retrieving their special powers. Additionally, it promotes energy, assisting in interpreting this into a physical sign. Using tumbled gemstones for a bit of reflection can bring a higher sense of self to individuals, and also send a superior sense of point. Tumbled gemstones combine force and energy strongly. It acts quickly and efficiently, and has been used predominantly in chronic illnesses, or long standing sicknesses. It can also offer insight to the cause of such illness. It can clear your head of anxiety and pressure, providing the mind with comfort and focus. It opens the crown and third eye chakras, carrying healing. In addition, it joins feminine and masculine forces. It has been well known to disperse emotional, mental, and physical blockages. It also cleanses blood and toxins, energizing, and endorsing confidence. It is also believed to restore DNA, and it’s also thought to assist those who are experiencing physical adjustments in their lives.


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