List of Color Changing Gemstones

Color changing gemstones are some of the rarest and most unqiue gemstones on the planet. Among other gemstones, the color changing gemstones have a lot of people in awe of their enthralling nature. They have the ability to remarkably change color under sunlight, fluorescent and internal (incandescent) lighting. Due to this very reason, color changing gemstones have become a popular interest among people, so if you’re looking one for yourself here’s a list to help you select one.


Alexandrite has been titled as the most expensive color changing gemstone. Its color changes range from bluish mossy green in sunlight and in incandescent lighting it has a prominent red shade with a tinge of raspberry. The finest quality stones will change color from traffic light green to traffic light red. With these very distinct color changes that are hard to ignore adds up to the reason why it is the most sought-after gemstone. Sources of Alexandrite include Russia’s Ural Mountains, Brazil and now Sri Lanka.



Garnets can also change color based on the lighting they are viewed in. Their color change ranges from deep red to tones of orange and brown to vibrant greens to subtle tinges of pink and purple. This color changing gemstone is associated to protect its owner in the night and is worn by travelers for this very reason. Garnet sources range from Russia, Africa, and Sri Lanka.



Sapphire is famous for it’s amazing blue colors but a very rare type of Sapphire has color changing abilities. The color change usually shifts from blue in natural light and purple in artificial lighting. Sapphire sources  include Myanmar in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Kashmir.


Diaspore (Csarite and Zultanite)

Diaspore has an incredible color chaining ability because it can show up to three distinctive colors. Zultanite and Casrite are the names given to a very special form of Diaspore that exhibits this incedible color change. The finest variety of this gem is found in Turkey.

color changing gemstones


Among other shades of red, green and yellow, andesine exists as a color changing gemstone. Sources of Andesine include Mongolia and Tibet, where only a few of the extracted ones have color changing abilities. If you’re lucky enough to find a color-changing Andesine, you’ll observe a shift of colors between a deep green to a bright purple.


Only recently has the color change Fluorite come on to the market and most of it is irradiated to induce the color change. It is commonly a blue gemstone that changes color to a purple

How Color Changing Gemstones Change Colors

It is important for the lighting to be correct for a color changing gemstone to shift between shades. If you have one of these, be sure to observe them in every type of light. These color changing gemstones give out a mystical beauty where it is almost like you are wearing multiple gemstones in one.

Color changing gemstones are rarer than the normal single colored gemstones so they usually command a premium price. So which is your favorite?


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