Gota de Aceite – Emerald Added Attraction

Emeralds are gorgeous gems that people love in their jewelry but the Gota de Aceite emeralds are arguably the rarest and most sought after variety of these gems. For those who are interested in collecting gems, this gem is about as rare as the Golconda Diamonds or the Kashmir Sapphire. If you do happen across one of these marvelous gemstones, they should be treated very carefully as Emeralds do not get any more precious than this.

What Is Gota de Aceite Emerald?

This gem gets its name from the Spanish phrase “drop of oil”, a name that was given to them by Spanish conquistadors as they displayed a very unique and rare pattern that resembled honey or oil. This same effect can also be referred to as a butterfly effect. For the most part, emeralds from Colombia seem to be the ones that offer this type of phenomenon. At first, these gems were believed to have grown from Calcite formations and this is what caused this unique effect in the gem. In more recent times, and after some modern testing by the use gemological tools, it was found that these Calcite formations were not actually the cause of this unique pattern. It was then discovered that these formations were more likely caused by irregularities that exist within the crystal structure of these gemstones. When you just look at one of these gems, it will appear that it has either a velvety or an oily appearance to it. This gem looks even more magnificent when you take a closer look at it with up to around 10x magnification. This effect becomes very prominent during this up-close look. Some people have other names for this effect including “rolling hot air” or “whiskey in water”, just to name a few.
Gota de Aceite Emerald
Gota de Aceite Emerald

Do You Have A Gota de Aceite Emerald?

It is important for you to know that sometimes these gems are missed by experts. There are some gem cutters or dealers that may not inspect these gems close enough to notice the sometimes subtle differences. Even some novice buyers may miss this and presume that these gems are fakes, either glass or a synthetic gemstone. This means that you should really keep your eyes open for these very rare gems. If you do suspect that you have this gem in your possession, you can always take it to a reputable gemologist to confirm your suspicions. It is always an amazing surprise to see that you have such a rare treasure in your possession. Emeralds are stunning gemstones on their own that can really make any piece of jewelry pop as a gorgeous and unique statement. There are so many different emeralds out there, each with their own nuances to them that make them even more gorgeous. If you have the funds to be able to afford a piece with this unique and rare gemstone, this will definitely draw attention to that gorgeous piece of jewelry. Rare gems are a great way to create something that is unique enough to make your loved one feel special.



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