Easy Tips to Care for Your Jewelry

Devil is often in the details, which means your entire outfit can rest on one perfectly-placed piece of jewelry. In general, accessories are a huge part of who you are (even though small) but we often forget to give them the care they deserve. So, if you want to prevent damage, dirt and discoloration, make sure to properly care for your jewelry. Here’s a little guide to follow. 

Storage tips

Storing your jewelry is probably the most important part of care. Different metals and gemstones all require different storing techniques due to their hardness and color. It’s very important to store every piece of jewelry separately because they can knock or scratch each other when stored together. Today you can buy great boxes or drawer inserts with soft-lined compartments that will keep all your items separate and safe. Also, ensure that your jewelry is stored away from sunlight in a dry and moderately warm place. If you want to prevent your items from oxidizing completely, airtight bags are your only option. 

Prevent contact with contaminants

If you want to avoid discoloration and tarnishing, make sure your jewelry is kept away from water and chemicals. Everything from water and cosmetics to soap and grease and natural skin oils can affect the shine and durability of your pieces. Gems and pearls should be handled as little as possible in order to keep oils away from them. Also, water can disturb the setting of jewelry and damage the threading, so it’s best to remove it when bathing and washing dishes. Antique pieces should never get wet unless a specialist gives you the green light. 

Care for Your Jewelry

Clean with care

In order to stay in the best shape possible for generations, your jewelry needs to be cleaned regularly and properly. There are practical jewelry cleaning tips online but you should still be careful when handling more delicate pieces. In most cases, you can remove light tarnish with a soft cloth and a mixture of water and gentle dish soap. Wash away the solution with cold water and polish with a dry cloth until 100% dry. This is just one of the ways you can keep your jewelry clean and shiny. But, whatever method you choose, make sure to handle your pieces with care to avoid any damage. 

Keep an eye on weaknesses

When cleaning your jewelry, make sure to inspect it thoroughly, especially the claws your diamond rings and the setting of the stones. If something looks loose, it means it will break in time and result in loss of the stone. So, make sure to find an experienced jeweler and invest some money into fixing your pieces. If you have some very expensive jewelry, get it professionally inspected to ensure everything is in top shape. 

Care for Your Jewelry

Contact professionals

When you don’t know how to handle a piece of jewelry, don’t try to experiment, especially with something expensive and antique. There are expert jewelry cleaning services that can handle everything from light blemishes to serious cleaning jobs. No matter if dirt, marks, scratches or damage, there’s nothing a professional can’t restore to its former glory. This will also give a pro a chance to inspect your pieces and potentially find damage you might have missed.  

Wear properly

The way you wear your jewelry also affects its look and durability. For instance, it’s best to put on your jewelry last to avoid any clothes catching on it. Apply makeup, hairspray and perfume before you put on your pieces to avoid contamination. When styling your hair, remove earrings to avoid catching them on combs. When dyeing hair, remove everything, especially pearls, since the chemicals can cause discoloration and ruin the look of your pieces. When doing any manual work (garden chores, garage work or housework) remove your jewelry because it can be damaged by chemicals and chipped by hard blows (diamonds especially). 

If you take good care of your jewelry, they can really last for generations. So, make sure to keep it protected from chemicals, elements, scratches and knocks and you’ll get a life-long companion.



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