Sapphire (Australia) custom cut @ The Cutter’s Desk

Sapphire (Australia) custom cut @ The Cutter’s Desk

I have had a parcel of nice blue Sapphires from a place call Sapphire in Queensland sitting in my top draw for the last few months. I finally had a chance to look at them and decide what to cut. To my amazement, I had one of the most beautiful blue Sapphires sitting in there and I had no idea.

I guess I had not tried to cut this stone earlier because it had so many cracks and undesirable crystal structures on the surface. But like most things in life, the closer I looked, the better it got. The cracks were only surface deep and beyond that was a beautiful clean gem. I pre formed it and it was obviously going to be a square shaped stone, so i decided to use a design passed onto me by John Broadfoot at the Australia Facetors Guild.

You can see from the pictures above at how incredibly blue this stone was going to be. This is the bottom of the stone (Pavillion) which is fairly shallow to reduce the amount of darkness in the blue colour.

The final Sapphire was 1.58cts, perfectly clean with a beautiful blue colour. The stone actually changes colour from pure blue to a nice teal depending on which way you rotate it.

Australian Sapphire Custom Cut

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