November Birthstone – Topaz and Citrine

For those born in November, they are blessed by two stones that are diametrically opposite but both equally important. The November Birthstone of Topaz comes in a spectrum of colors that accentuate its radiance and fieriness. Citrine one the other hand is the opposite of Topaz in that it focuses on the gentle values of loyalty and peace. Its healing qualities are known and appreciated by various cultures.

Historical Significance

According to folklores, Topaz was a revered stone due to its numerous qualities. It was believed to be able to instantly cool boiling water and hence could also be used in cooling tempers. It was a crucial ingredient in reducing despair and giving clarity of thoughts to those wearing it. Historical accounts have it that it was widely used by the clergies due to its mystical powers. When engraved with a falcon sign, it was said to bring forth prosperity, wealth and peace. Romans used to associate it with Jupiter and the Sun God.

The Citrine was referred to as The Success Stone due to its association with success and abundant fortunes. There was a belief that when placed in a cash box or a hidden place in a shop it would promote business. It is for this reason that some people began to call it the stone of the merchants.

November Birthstone Qualities

The November Birthstone of Topaz comes in a variety of tones such as pink, yellow and purple amongst others. However, in its purest form, it is often colorless. When mixed with impurities in the laboratory, it can be made to produce a wide range of shades or enhance its colorless tone.

Citrine comes in a range of two colors depending on the heat levels. At high temperatures it turns to golden yellow while in low temperatures it turns to dark yellow fro light yellow.

November Birthstone Powers

Both Topaz and Citrine are believed to have mystical healing properties for a wide range of problems. Topaz is believed to remedy diseases such as gout, insomnia and a several other blood disorders. In addition to this, Topaz is also believed to enhance memory strength, creativity and ease the mind of stress and depression. Citrine is also believed to deliver similar powers in addition to curing problems of the digestive and endocrine system.


The value of the November Birthstone varies depending on the colors and cut. Topaz exhibits unique colors and brilliance that can equal that of diamond. It is quite rare and hence expensive. The red Topaz is the most expensive and also the rarest.

Citrine too is expensive although the parameters that define this are dependent on a number of factors including the color and the clarity. Of all the citrine colors, the darker orange shades are the most sought after. The lemon colored citrine is also a big hit in the market.

In addition to the mystical powers behind the November birthstone, it is no doubt that they are also a prized possession monetarily. A gift to your loved ones hence possesses monetary and also mystical value.






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