June Birthstone Pearl

Those born in June are lucky becuase the June birthstone is actually made up of two separate stones. Birthstones have been around for centuries and each particular one is associated with a certain month. A lot of myths surround these birthstones and it is believed that they have healing powers especially when one wears them during its assigned month. When it comes to the June birthstone, we see that it consists of Pearl and Alexandrite and they all have their specific meaning.

June Birthstone - Pearl and Alexandrite

Pearls have been around for the longest time and have actually been used as adornments in the Roman Empire which was centuries ago. They were greatly valued then and this is because they are the only gems that come from living sea creatures. They are amazing because they require no polishing or faceting so as to reveal their natural beauty. It is believed that they possesses calming properties and is also said to aid the wearer in regards to loyalty, integrity and charity among others.

June Birthstone Alexandrite

June Birthstone - Pearl and Alexandrite

This beautiful stone was discovered in Russia and it is a fascinating one because it possesses chameleon-like properties. It is usually a lovely green color in daylight or when a fluorescent light is lit. In incandescent light it changes color to purplish red and this is why it is loved by many. This particular stone belongs in the Chrysoberyl mineral family which generally have minimal flaws so the cut gems are always clean. When rough is found to be cut, a perfect piece with no flaws goes a long way in increasing its value. It is known that a natural Alexandrite that is over one carat is usually hard to find and is even more expensive than any diamond


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