The Truth About Chocolate Diamonds

The world loves Diamonds in their purest form. It’s therefore, no wonder that Diamonds are always at the forefront when it comes to decorative stones. However, there are certain Diamonds which have the ability to make people spin with delight. Chief among them would be Chocolate Diamonds. Chocolate Diamonds are known for their exquisite nature. The one thing which people love about this Diamond is the fact that it can be purchased at a very low price compared to other Diamonds that are out there in the market. Chocolate Diamonds is the name which was given to a special category of Brown Diamonds by a group called the Le-Vian group. The name was given to make sure that it stood out among the other Diamonds. One of the reasons for this is the color of the Diamond. They are brown in a very appealing way. These Diamonds can only be found in some countries such as Australia, Brazil, and Congo. Colorless Diamonds may have an edge over this Diamond as they are seen as more elite and expensive. Chocolate Diamonds are seen as a less desirable color. What really is the truth about the Chocolate Diamonds?

Chocolate Diamonds and Brown Diamonds

The history of Chocolate Diamonds can be traced straight back to the coming of the brown Diamonds. Brown Diamonds are often considered to be a lesser value and cheaper type of Diamonds that are not usually used.  However, the intriguing part of the story is that not all of these Diamonds were really brown Diamonds. Out of the vast abundance of the brown Diamonds, there existed a smaller portion of the Diamonds that were slightly different in color and were very different when it came to their value.
Chocolate Diamonds
Credit: Le Vian
In fact, many people felt that they were indeed better in terms of value than even the colorless Diamonds. Those Diamonds were called the Chocolate Diamonds. This fact was admitted by Le-Vian himself. However, because of the very fact that they look a lot like the brown Diamonds, their value is fairly low.

However, the truth remains that the Chocolate Diamond can be considered to be rarer and perhaps even more expensive than the colorless diamonds. The major difference that exists between them and the brown Diamonds in terms of appearance would the fact that their color is a grade different from that of the brown Diamond. Chocolate Diamond is a registered trademark and can only be sold by official partners.

Understanding Why Diamonds Are Considered To Be Elite

Throughout the years right down to our time, Diamonds were always considered to be precious stones. For this reason, the wealthy and the rich people were the only people who showcased Diamonds on a regular basis. Such was its rarity. One of the first places that Diamonds appeared in large quantities was in South Africa in the late 1800’s. This African city was immediately filled with miners who were willing to get the services of the African men in a bid to mine up the Diamonds that were all over South Africa. One of the biggest Diamond companies of that time was the De Beers company. This company had large stakes in the Diamond business from all over the world. Because of this great monopoly that was in their hands, they had the power to reduce or increase the price of the various gems respectively. This company knew that they had to sell their Diamonds to people all over the world and the rich were the most likely to buy it. So they used different strategies to sell the idea to the wealthy people with elite status in society. This was done with the hope that they would take an interest in the Diamond and buy so much more. One of their marketing schemes that were used portrayed Diamonds as a great show of affection and love. This marketing strategy made it difficult for people to sell their Diamonds to others after they were done using them. Down to this day, Diamonds are considered to still be a great show of love around the world. Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds Or Colorless Diamonds?

Knowing the secrets of the Chocolate Diamonds and why Diamonds are regarded to be quite expensive, you might be wondering what route to chose. Should you go with the Chocolate Diamonds with the feeling that it is so much less expensive and rarer that most people think? Or should you trust the colorless Diamonds that has proven itself in terms of consistency and strong value for your money? The answer to that question is simply not a straight answer. Granted, when you go for colorless Diamonds, you would be going for a Diamond that is highly regarded in society and which has a lot of value. However, the truth is that the value of any Diamond that you get would hardly go down. Therefore, you would hardly get a loss from the resale of a Diamond. So take your time and make sure that the Diamond is the right thing for you. Make sure that you fall in love with your Diamond before making the leap. This would allow you to enjoy the feeling of having a Diamond with you. You would be able to smile knowing that you went for what your heart desired.


The truth about Chocolate Diamonds can be considered to be quite fascinating. Knowing that a small proportion of the brown Diamond would become so rare and even more valuable than your regular colorless Diamond might just feel you looking at brown Diamonds on a more serious note. However the bottom line is, Diamonds, in general, are very precious gemstones. You will quickly realize that no matter the choice you make, you would look at your Diamond, whether chocolate or colorless and would be amazed by the sheer beauty of your gemstone. That is the feeling a Diamond gives you.




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