The Healing Properties Of Amethyst

Known as the “gem of fire” in ancient times, amethyst continues to be highly regarded today for its unique beauty and wondrous abilities to both stimulate and soothe the body and mind. Amethyst is a type of quartz found all over the world in either single terminations, geodes, or clusters. It’s even commonly found in combination with other minerals to form a myriad of beautiful different types of amethyst.

Meaning of amethyst 

The name amethyst is derived from ametusthos, a Greek word meaning “not intoxicated”. Indeed, amethyst has been used throughout the ages to prevent overindulgence and drunkenness. Today amethyst carries similar meaning; it’s known as a gemstone representing spirituality, contentment, and holistic balance. It’s a naturally high-frequency crystal perfect for quieting the mind and helping you enter a meditative state. Amethyst is also known as the “soul stone” as it has the power to strengthen your connection to your eternal soul. It’s therefore commonly used during the death experience — whether meditated upon or simply held for comfort. It can help in the process of death and leaving the physical body peacefully, as well as provide comfort through the grieving process for loved ones who’ve passed.  

Healing properties of Amethyst both emotionally and physically

Amethyst is a powerful physical and emotional healer. It works to balance hormone levels and the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates flight-or-fight response. Amethyst can also be used to boost the immune system, relieve anxiety, oxygenate the blood, and aid digestion, skin, and heart health. Emotionally, amethyst can work to calm a busy mind, soothe tension that causes headaches, and help you find your center. It also helps treat insomnia. This crystal is therefore especially great for people who experience stress, anxiety, or anger often. Amethyst can also heal harmful addictions and destructive habits that lead to ill health and disease. With amethyst, you can better work to understand the root causes of these unwanted and unproductive behaviors and make better, healthier decisions.  

Different types of amethyst

In its natural state, it’s common for amethyst to be found in combination with various other minerals. For example, ametrine is a stunning blend of amethyst and citrine together in one crystal. This gemstone is ideal for balancing right-brained spirituality with left-brained intellect. As a result, it’s great for inspiring new perspectives, creativity, and ideas. Alternatively, chevron amethyst features various shades of deep purple zig-zag patterns that fade into white.

It’s commonly used to aid the opening of the third eye. This crystal’s strong and clear energy can aid spiritual healing and keep negative vibes at bay. Finally, cacoxenite is a unique blend of seven stones: amethyst, cacoxenite, quartz, smoky quartz,lepidocrocite, rutile, and goethite. It’s also known as Super Seven as it contains all the healing benefits of all seven minerals. Essentially, cacoxenite amethyst boosts creativity and innovative thought while raising spiritual awareness. 

Amethyst has been a particularly popular and useful gemstone since ancient times. No matter the variety, amethyst is a valuable addition to anyone’s gemstone collection. 

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