Blue Gemstones Used In Jewelry

Blue gemstones are found in Jewelry dating right back to ancient times. The color blue is synonymous with the feeling of calmness, depth and stability. People are drawn to this color and some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world are blue. For those of you with a strong spiritual connection gemstones are the ultimate way to realign and focus your energy. If you are particularly well attuned you will know the significance of using the right stones for the right circumstances – and that color is everything! The first stones that come to mind are of course Sapphire, Aquamarine and maybe even Tourmaline. There are many more gems whos blue hue makes them perfect for use in Jewelry. With that in mind we have put together a list of some blue gemstones that are commonly found in Jewelry.


Apatite’s name literally translates to ‘cheat’, and this ought to warn you about this stones properties! It resembles the more expensive Tourmaline, and was often mis-sold by vendors seeking to make a tidy sum. Apatite is a fairly soft gem so it’s uses in Jewelry are limited, but the neon blue color that this gem is found in cannot be replicated by any other gem.


When it comes to soft blue gemstone, Aquamarine is the stone. Coming from the Beryl family it can be found in colors that resemble the sky or the ocean. Deep blue Aquamarine is rare and is commonly called double blue in the gem trade. SHOP AQUAMARINE


This stone has a deep rich blue color and it can have shades of green through it that are reminiscent of the planet Earth. This stone is highly sought after by collectors. blue gemstones azurite

Blue Agate

Blue Agate is easily recognizable by the layers or strips of blue throughout, set upon a matte finish; this happens because it is a layered form of Chalcedony Quartz that is blue in color. It is an extra hard and solid stone that is a common sight in most gem shops. blue gemsontes blue agate

Blue Hawks Eye

Is a similar stone to the Cat’s Eye Quartz but in blue. The mineral starts off life as a different mineral altogether – as blue crocidolite that is slowly turned to quartz over time with the help of the oxidation process. How much air was available during formation greatly influences how blue the stone is, making these gems particularly prized in all forms.


Fluorite is mined en-mass nowadays and doesn’t just come in blue, but it is a popular stone that you will see everywhere if you look hard enough. Blue Fluroite is not easy to find. Some specimens can be turned blue by the use of irradiation. blue gemstones - fluorite


Iolite is a clear but dark blue or purple stone that is best suited to jewelry and that is highly polished to a sheer finish. When held against the light this stone will shine both yellow and blue or perhaps grey when turned to the right angle. blue gemstones - iolite SHOP IOLITE

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most reliably sought after stones on the market. It is a fairly soft stone that is used for jewelry making regardless, and is unique in that a single stone can be comprised of up to 15 separate mineral types! blue gemstones - lapis lazuli


The Sapphire is one of the four most valuable stones in the world – so if you own one of these you are incredibly lucky indeed. Sapphires sparkle a glittering deep blue that is unrivalled in the gem world. It is also a very hard and durable gem making it the perfect choice for Jewelry. SHOP SAPPHIRE


Tourmaline is the stone that comes in every color. Blue Tourmaline, or Indicolite usually has two tonnes present with the green secondary tone not as strong as the blue. The other blue Tourmaline is the famed Paraiba Tourmaline. This stone has an incredible neon blue shine that cannot be found in any other gem blue gemstones - paraiba tourmaline SHOP TOURMALINE


The blue desert stone can be found in stunning rich blue colors. Turquoise is a unique and beautiful stone because of the webbing that appears on the stone. This stone has been used for centuries. blue gemstones - turquoise So whether you are looking for a common blue stone to thread a bead necklace with or something more exotic, take a peek at our list of blue gemstones and get a good feel of a cross-section of different gems for your perusal. Be it high polish and glamour or grounding stones that you need, blue is the color! So make your choice! SHOP FOR GEMSTONES


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