Sapphire (Nigeria) custom cut @ The Cutter’s Desk

Sapphire (Nigeria) custom cut @ The Cutter’s Desk

This was a beautiful but small piece of Sapphire from Nigeria. It has a very nice ice blue colour. After I checked the rough over, I found that there was some serious inclusions in one end of the stone, so I had to remove this material before I started cutting. In the pictures below, you can see the area marked in dark black pen. This is the area that needs to be removed. I have alos included a picture looking into the stone that shows the inclusion I am cutting out.

The design I decided to cut is a design called Squartugese. It is a Portugese cut on the bottom with a modified square cut on the top.

The final stone came in at 0.68cts. Small but it is a beautiful ice blue colour.

Sapphire custom cut Nigeria

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