Peridot (Pakistan) custom cut @ The Cutter’s Desk

Peridot, it is one of my favorite gemstones and it is one of the only three gemstones created deep in the earths mantle along with Sapphire and Diamond. I was commissioned to create a unique gemstone out of this beautiful piece of rough Peridot from Pakistan.


Peridot has a very distinct inclusion called a lilly pad inclusion usually caused by tiny chromite crystals in the crystal. The piece of rough above shows these small crystals as black spots on the skin. I have designed the cut of this gemstone so that all of the inclusions are cut out, increasing the value of the gem. When I cut a gemstone, I let the shape of the rough material dictate to me the shape of the final stone. After all of the inclusions had been rubbed away, the rough was telling me to cut it into a square shape to the achieve the largest possible cut Peridot.


This gemstone design has four floating facets on the table which means there is no reference point on the gemstone when you are cutting it.  The machine that I use is a fantastic little Tom Thumb which I can’t fault.  It is extremely accurate and dependable which makes it easy to cut facets like the floating ones with confidence.

I am really pleased at how this gemstone turned out and it is already in the hands of it’s new owner. I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

Even though this one is already sold, you can view all of my Peridot gemstones in the shop.

Finally, I used one of our native plants to sit the Peridot on to take a photo. The colour of the purple leaf against the green Peridot is stunning.

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