December Birthstone – Turquoise and Tanzanite

Turquoise and Tanzanite are two of the most spectacular and exquisite of December Birthstone. Both of these stones are great symbols of good tidings and positive energy. The December birthstone poem adequately summarizes the properties accorded to the Turquoise: “If cold December gave you birth The month of snow and ice and mirth Place on your hand a turquoise blue Success will bless whate’er you do.” Turquoise is associated with good fortunes and prosperity by most cultures. It also infuses such qualities as spiritual strength and protection against evil. Additionally, it is a symbol of harmony and friendship. Tanzanite is a rare and a much spectacular December birthstone that is believed to bring a spiritual connection and generate chakras from the inner heart. It is also said to provide visions of the future to the wearer. It is also a stone of integrity that forces the wearer to walk through the narrow path of honor and integrity. It provides peace and tranquility to the wearer and also in the minds of those around him. It was used widely by Celtic traditional leaders to help them reach a wise decision when choosing a leader.

December Birthstone Historical significance

The December Birthstone has changed over the course of history. As aforementioned, turquoise is an important gemstone that is widely respected by the Native Americans. It used to be inscribed with images of creatures that were revered by the community. It was believed to have mystical powers and would be put on top of the tombs of the dead to give them a smooth ride to heaven. It was also used to cure ailments and to help the warriors have sharp aims. Of much recent history is the Tanzanite that although discovered much recently has become quite popular. It was discovered by Masai cattle herders three decades ago and it was believed to contain some mystical powers. According to experts, the Tanzanite is considered an exceptional gift to a couple celebrating their 24th anniversary.

December Birthstone Color

The colours for the December Birthstone is blue. The turquoise adorns an elegant sky blue color although it comes in a variety of hues. The various colors represent several aspects of life including death and birth. The Tanzanite stones come in two colors, violet and blue although sometimes they contain greenish shades. The colors are more vivid in large stones.

December Birthstone Extra ordinary powers

Does the December Birthstone have powers? The turquoise has been embellished with a number of mystic powers. For instance, it is believed that it can reduce gout, rheumatism and chronic viral infections. It is also said to neutralize acidity and bring joy and happiness to the person wearing it. The Tanzanite too since its discovery has been acclaimed as a possessing immense healing powers. It can help ease depression, anger and other negative emotions. It can bring to the wearer good fortunes, immense creativity, strong immune system and fertility. It is used by traditional healers to boost the virility of men and also heal fertility problems in women. For maximum efficacy, according to these beliefs, it should be worn next to the skin.




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