August Birthstone – Peridot

Just like the qualities it seeks to impart, the August birthstone Peridot is associated with an inspiring poem that promotes harmony and loyalty:

Peridot or for thee

No conjugal fidelity

The August born without this stone

‘Tis said, must live unloved alone’

August Birthstone Cultural Significance

The origin of the Peridot is credited to Egypt. Indeed Egypt was regarded to be the sole source of the this August gemstone where they referred to it as the Gem of the Sun. Queen Cleopatra, the legendary beauty, was said to be particularly fond of the Peridot and not Emeralds as it was believed before. In the rest of the world, it held interesting cultural significance. Hawaiians believed that the natural yellow tinge of the Peridot was a sign of the Goddess Pele tears. The Bible also contains evidence of the August gemstones where it is referred to as Pitdah, in Hebrew dialect. Most of the ancient civilizations believed that this stone had mystical powers and was crucial in restoring union with the gods. Even today, this stone is believed to have magical and healing powers. It is also said to give the wearer influence and power against enemies.

August Birthstone Qualities

Peridot has a unique color that makes it to be easily distinguishable from the rest. Its traditional color is lime green, a fabulous color that is commonly associated with silver and platinum. This green color has contributed to the Peridot being associated with holy powers especially as most of the elements and items in the Christian religion point to the superiority of color green. Green is seen as a color of nature, progress and wealth. This gem is mined in several parts of the world but it is as rare as they come. It is available in the parts of Nevada, Kenya, Myanmar, Egypt and South Africa amongst others.

August Birthstone Healing Powers

A lot has been written about this stone to an extent that it is difficult to sift between facts and myths. However, judging from the views of most traditional writers, this stone has mystical healing powers indeed. It is for instance believed to heal spleen and lung problems. It is also known to be a good remedy for thyroid infections, asthma and liver troubles. It can also ease depression, stress and anger amongst other bad emotions.

As a gift, this stone is unequalled. It is associated with love and commitment, two most strong principles that are bedrock to any strong relationship. It is regarded to be an important gift to babies born in August or for couples celebrating their eight and sixteenth anniversary.  According to folklore, it was a revered stone by pirates as it was believed to protect against evils in the high seas.

This stone hence makes an important August birthday gift. It is of the right color, smooth touch, sensual outlook and of the right price. Additionally, it is rumored to enhance the confidence and esteem level of the wearer. It rejuvenates and reinvigorates the mind bringing out the positive side of the wearer.



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