April Birthstone – Diamond

The April birthstone is none other than the Diamond. Diamonds are by far the most popular gemstone ever discovered. The April birthstone is a special one because it is said to reflect some of the properties of Diamonds onto the wearer. These include enhancing relationships and increasing inner strength.

April Birthstone

Traditionally Diamonds have always been colorless, but in recent times the popularity of colored Diamonds has increased and now there are a huge range of colored Diamonds to choose from. The rarest of these colored tones is the Red Diamond. There are only a handful f these Diamonds in existence and can fetch a price tag of up to $25 million per carat. Yellows and Cognac are fairly common, but the coloured Diamonds with the most presence in the market is the Pink Diamond. Many of these coloured Diamonds where once cast aside as the colour was seen as an impurity in the quest to find a pure white Diamond. It was not until people started to realise that these stones where rare that they began to be marketed in their own unique rarity. I would have loved to see the old miners thrown pink Diamonds back into the river because of their worthlessness.

April Birthstone Gifts

Anyone with a a birthday in April can only hope that the present they receive is one made from the April birthstone. Small Diamonds set in earrings or rings can be a perfect gift at a reasonable price.

April Birthstone - DiamondThe most attractive thing about the April birthstone is not the sparkle or the colour, but in fact about the durability. Diamond is the hardest known mineral on earth and it is very strong. It can be worn in jewellery that is worn everyday and it will not show any signs of stress. They are a great gemstone to hand down through the generations. Happy birthday to anyone born in April. Lets hope someone surprises you with the April birthstone as a gift.




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