Alternatives to Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Not every bride is the same, so why should their engagement rings be? In fact you may even find that your hopeful bride-to-be does not even like diamonds. Diamonds are not mandatory in engagement rings as the featured gem. There are so many stunning gemstones out there that limiting yourself to just the diamond could actually be a disservice to your one of a kind partner. If you want something a little bit more unique for your engagement ring, here are some options that are quite gorgeous and unique for you to consider.


There are a lot of reasons as to why you may want to consider a sapphire instead of a diamond. First of all it is almost as hard as a diamond, ranking just behind its more popular gem on the Mohs scale. Another reason why this gem is so great is because there are so many different color variations that you can buy. Sapphires may be most famous for being blue, but they can also come in green, yellow, pink, and a white that almost looks exactly like a diamond.


Amethysts are beautiful purple gemstones that really add flair to your engagement ring. They are another durable gem that can be worn on a daily basis without issues. They are not quite as durable as a sapphire or diamond but they will stand the test of time with some extra care. If you put this gemstone on a ring with white gold or rose gold it will be a truly incredible ring.


With a gorgeous deep green color like you can find in an emerald this is a timeless gem that offer a stylish and luxurious touch to your engagement ring. These may not be as popular as they once were but you can get something that will really create a magical piece especially when used with a modern setting.


Garnets are great for a few reasons. The color is quite unique and gorgeous which makes it stand out against a ruby. Another is because they are an inexpensive gem that looks richer than it is. If you have a bride that loves the vintage look, this is the gem you should be looking at.


Speaking of rubies, these are also a great option for an engagement ring. These are incredibly durable gems that can really put up with a lot but they are also beautiful gems. If you play a larger ruby with some accent diamonds, you are going to create a great ring. Rubies have the same hardness and properties as Sapphire so this gem will last a life time.


You may be wondering “why an opal?” You can create a truly unique ring by being able to create so many different patterns and designs as well as pairing it with other gems like diamonds to make a piece that is as unique as your love is. The beauty of Opal is that there will never be another stone that looks the same. Every single one is unique.


Onyx is a gorgeous gemstone that most commonly comes in black, though there are other varieties that you can enjoy. If you want something that is modern, unique, but very chic, the onyx could be an excellent choice.




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